A stolen election?

It’s sure beginning to look that way. Read the whole article–and ask if it’s reasonable to assume this is an isolated case:
‘On election night, Mr. West had maintained a district-wide lead of nearly 2,000 votes until the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections inexplicably “recounted” thousands of early ballots, resulting in an awfully convenient 4,400-vote shift in favor of the challenger. Observers on the scene charged incompetence, intimidation and possible fraud on the part of local election officials. Mr. West has asked a judge to impound the ballots and order a recount to set things straight.
…..Mrs. Bucher, a hyperpartisan Democrat, (Election Supervisor! kg) has infuriated the GOP. When responding to a court order to open polls to early voters on the Sunday before the election, she only informed local Democrats, not Republicans. During the week she told Republican observers that counting has ceased and they did not have to show up. Observers who came anyway saw the count continuing. On Friday, she ordered ballot workers to reproduce some ballots that were already reproduced and would not explain why….’

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21 Responses to A stolen election?

  1. BL says:

    Why weren’t there independent observers to help stop this crap??

  2. Ronbo says:


    Right you are!

    Allen West – an outspoken military hero and black American Republican – simply had to be taken out by the Democommies – and I bet the orders came directly from Obama.

    Said a Leftist spokescreature in a white KKK robe, “We can’t have no big mouth nigger Republican putting down us Commie Florida Crackers – It just ain’t decent and KLAN SOUTHERN.”

  3. HarvardPotatoHead says:

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    1. Redistribution 4 U 4 sure.
    2. Redistribution not happenN 4 me
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    ***they wantz mo wampum from d telepromptor.

  4. mawm says:

    MAWM hypnotiZed by his shiny new cowboy boots with silver threads and silver spurs :roll: Not likely, mate. :cheers

  5. Remember this- the Republican elites do not support the likes of Allen West– do not trust the R elites-anymore than the Ds…

    • Darin says:

      I don’t think there is any difference Carol.I will say though that I had it in for Romney as being establishment before the last six months or so of the election.I think getting out and talking to the people caused a change in him.The same might also happen to the rest of them if they did the same.DC exists as a bubble where reality is bent if it exists at all.As a result our elected leaders no matter how good their intentions are when they are elected soon fallow and waste.

      Boehner yesterday caved on repealing Obamacare and quickly tried to walk it back.Too late,he has shown his true colors.We need a new leader in the House for 2013.

      • Ronbo says:


        I don’t think it matters what the Republicans in the House do – If Obama can’t get his bills passed in Congress, he simply does an Executive Order (Rule by Decree) and his wish becomes law.

        If you are a history buff like myself then you know that the Chancellors of theWeimar Republic of Germany (1919 to 1933) did things the same way and sidelined the Reichstag.

        In effect, Obama has become the American dictator in about the same level of authority as did the later Chancellors of the Weimar Republic.

        Of course, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights is still the law of the land – thus Obama still has limits on his dictatorship – but the stage has been set for Obama, or who follows Obama, to be the Great Dictator.

    • Ronbo says:


      Right, you are!

      This is the reason why the Tea Party Movement is slowly – but surely – doing a purge of the Republican Party.

      The proof is that RINO Romney was forced to take a hard right turn in the election and select Paul Ryan (Mr. Tea Party and the Romney heir) as his V.P.

      Of course, like yourself, I want the RINO element gone YESTERDAY, but it’s going to take a few more election cycles to do the job.

      The only other option is the creation of a third party for patriots, but third parties have not done well in American politics, so we are stuck with the GOP.

  6. KG says:

    ‘In 13 Philadelphia wards, Obama received 99 percent of the vote or more…’

  7. The Gantt Guy says:

    (1) Biehner has *got* to go. Mark Levin has been saying for. Some time there’s no Constitutional requirement for the Soeaker to come from within the House. Perhaps Speaker Palin has a nice ring to it? Or if you want to choose from within the House, how’s about Soeaker Bachmann?


    (2) Will Louisiana be first to secede? I always thought it would be Arizona (Gov. Brewer has that ‘this town ain’t big enough for the both of us’ look about her) or Texas, but it looks like Louisiana will beat them to the punch!


  8. KG says:

    And while we’re at it, what happened to the demand that Erich Von Holder testify about Fast and Furious?
    It was all window-dressing. And no doubt the Benghazi inquiry will be the same–Hillary has already said she “doesn’t have time”(!!) to testify.