Obama’s epic, lethal bungling

The Arab world is disintegrating and Israel will shortly be on her own. This Administration not only supplied the gunpowder,  it lit the fuse.

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9 Responses to Obama’s epic, lethal bungling

  1. john says:

    I guess the only thing left for Morsi to do now is burn down whatever the gippos call their Reichstag and blame it on the Copts.

    • KG says:

      And ask the U.S. to prop him up even more than they are already–everything will be fixed by more U.S. dollars and military equipment….

  2. thor42 says:

    Oh, how the moronic leftists wittering on about the “Arab Spring” are having truckloads of egg applied to their faces! :roll:
    Not only do their policies suck – cough, Greece, cough – but they couldn’t see the obvious happening in the Middle East if it were lit up with 100-metre-high neon signs saying “WE ARE MUSLIMS. WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE WEST”

    • KG says:

      Too right, Thor. I find it difficult to believe that anybody would be foolish enough to think that the “Arab Spring” was about to usher in an era of peace, love, kumbaya and fluffy unicorns, but there you are–the true depths of the left’s stupidity and mendacity are as yet unplumbed…

      • Kris K says:

        Only in the Leftists’ warped reality does winter follow spring – we are now ALL headed into the ‘Arab Winter’, a winter where the satanic death cult will only further increase its stranglehold over those nations which have already succumbed to its advances, and those others who are hellbent on following down the same well-trodden path.

        We have much to thank the moronic Left for …

  3. Findalis says:

    I hate to say it, but I’m going to say it:

    WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!

  4. mistress mara says:

    Findalis “WE TOLD YOU SO!!!” That wasn’t hard to type, was it? So what now? Any answers?

  5. KG says:

    Well, you didn’t tell any of us so, Findalis–everybody here knew the “Arab Spring” was a crock of shit.

    • pompuss says:

      My brain might be as thick as my fur coat but I assumed Findalis was making a rhetorical statement….you know – a bit like a rhetorical question.