killing a country….

New Australians of the Modern Kind
‘…The other is why the family concerned, which consists of 13 surviving members, has never had a full-time breadwinner under the same roof — although the father did find the money to acquire and sustain a very serious drug habit and do some gun collecting as well. As a little extra inducement to wonder how the world works these days, the article mentions in passing that the clan will soon be leaving the current Housing Commission digs for larger premises better suited to their ever-swelling numbers. This also will be paid for by the public purse.
Members of Hosayn’s family lease small farms on the outskirts of Sydney to grow produce and work in the fruit and vegetable trade. Hosayn would sometimes work at his brother’s fruit shop in Liverpool and on weekends he ran a small fruit stall at Flemington Markets. But mostly he and his family survived on social security benefits.
Oh, and one other thing: Despite decades in Australia, mum and dad still required a translator to speak with the The Australian’s Greg Bearup….’

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