hot sunrise, this morning





Longbow. Getting better….

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15 Responses to hot sunrise, this morning

  1. Darin says:

    Looking good,suitable for Hogs,goats,bureaucrats :twisted:

    If you ever want to shoot compound I can highly recomend the Drawloc system.I got shoulder trouble and even an 80lb bow is too much without it.

  2. KG says:

    Thanks Darin, but I’m not much interested in compound bows. The longbow has a lot of history and I’m curious about the weapon and the men who made and used it–that’s the motive for learning how to use one. (and knackering my shoulder in the process :cheers )

  3. mawm says:

    Nice grouping.

    Have you read any Bernard Cornwall novels especially those about the English longbowmen knackering the Frogs? Fun, non-PC reads full of drinking, raping and pillaging. :whoop

    • KG says:

      I sure have, Mawm. :lol: Immensely enjoyable, and very historically accurate, too. I was delighted to find out that my ancestors were among the yeomen archers at Agincourt and Crecy….so, that’s where the raping and pillaging gene comes from! :mrgreen:

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      I started Harlequin just a couple of days ago. Cornwell is one of my favourite authors. Have you read the Starbuck Chronicles about the American Civil War?

      • mawm says:

        I’ve only read one of his books with American history – about the battle of Penobscot Bay. The Brits with a far inferior force gave them a bit of a hiding. It’s not as good as some of his others….. no raping or pillaging. :sad:

        • The Gantt Guy says:

          I’ll loan you my Starbuck Chronicles, mawm. It’s only 4 books – Cornwell never finished the series because he thought it too similar to the Richard Sharpe concept.

  4. KG says:

    Hmmm…rape and pillage with added horns….. :whoop

  5. Contempt says:

    Speaking of the American Civil War, i heard today a great lecture on several South Carolina notables at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Maryland, fought December 13, 1862. More men in the fight than Gettysburg and a bloodbath for the Yanks because of their gen’l Ambrose Burnside.

    Good WWI dvd, “My Son Jack.” Think BBC produced it.
    “Foyle’s War” is another good series on war on the homefront.

    • KG says:

      We used to be addicts of “Foyle’s War”, Contempt. :lol: Great series, and there’s a new one due out soon.