Simply brilliant.

And deeply frightening, if Daniel Greenfield is right….it means the Western legal system is doing the islamist’s dirty work for them.
Blasphemy as a National Security Threat
‘..Islam is submission. If you submit to Islam, then you’re a Muslim. If you submit to a Muslim, then you’re a slave. The western blasphemy trial is not the enforced submission of an Islamic legal system that would be crude and brutal, but at least comparatively respectable, it is the enforced submission to Muslim violence. The judges who preside over our blasphemy cases do not believe in Islam, they believe in the danger of Muslim violence. This is not theocracy, it is slavery….’

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3 Responses to Simply brilliant.

  1. ZenTiger says:

    Very well said. Our society is abandoning the principles and ethics that made it great.

    Submission to hedonism and complacency will be very short lived, and catch many people by surprise, no matter how obvious it will seem in hindsight.

    • KG says:

      Good to see you, ZenT. :grin:
      Yep, it’s always obvious in hindsight. Just as societies are never going to collapse–right up until the moment they do.

  2. Contempt says:

    Greenfield is right but I did not read his post. At Lowe’s, a big box home improvemnt chain, they now have a sign in 5-6 languages *maybe* one is arabic but who needs five different languages on a store sign?? kumbya. Islam is everywhere from the top down. Of this I am reminded every time I see aircraft overhead or on the ground.