A great editorial:

Fight for your life today
Today is the day to fight for your life. Within weeks, proposed laws will be decided that would destroy your ability to protect your family from predators, including criminals, and, especially, the political wolves who can force you to live, or die, on their terms.
….Unless you, and me, and millions of Americans voice clear, strong and constant objections to Congress, starting today, two centuries of American liberty will end under this president…’

UPDATE:  Fake “rocket launchers”. Never underestimate the lengths gun-grabbers will go to.

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7 Responses to A great editorial:

  1. Pascal says:

    Gun control is only one aspect of the threat. We see misanthropes every day. In fact there are times that our fellow man is such a PITA that just about everyone feels the same until better angels take hold. We all know Malthusian Greenies. Even mainstream TV dramas have used murderers who justified their killings with reference to such extreme rationales (viz.: see the Blue Bloods episode of Friday Jan 4 Fathers and Sons).

    But it is when the two aspects are found mixed in those with significant influence at the highest levels of power (such as Obama’s science Czar John Holdren), danger from the megalomaniacal is no longer far fetched. Megalomaniacal Malthusian Misanthropes.

    Given the proles created by our edukation systems, I don’t expect 99% to understand what any of those words mean.

    But maybe the symbol M³, or the term M cubed could be inserted into common parlance. For instance referring to the threat of M cubed. Clearly I’m no PR guy, so what do I know — other than the threat is quite real and looming.

  2. KG says:

    It’s certainly real, Pascal. My great fear is that either people won’t realise that until it’s too late, or the statists will succeed in making very high profile examples of a few gun owners in order to cow the rest.

  3. Robertvdl says:

    Obama President For Life


    Beware of all those who talk ‘GREEN’, ‘left’ or ‘right’.

    I stopped laughing years ago.

    • Pascal says:

      I agree Robert.

      The only Green they know is the money they can steal.

      And they only left and right that has any meaning to them has nothing to with differing sides separated by an aisle. They are the series of punches delivered to those who still unwittingly believe in the Left and Right. As if the left and right weren’t attached to the same central control body of the power-mad.

  4. Darin says:

    The spent,inert AT4 launchers are just the latest example of the LAPD drama club deceiving the public.There have been others.One was even protested by Ronnie Barrett CEO of Barrett Industries the maker of the .50cal Barrett rifle-


  5. RWT says:

    It is indeed a fight for their lives, it will be every day until that bastard is gone, then they may get a small reprieve and it’ll start again.

    I have a bad feeling about it though, once you convince a nation that it’s too hard and/or too stupid to look after its own health, it’s not too hard to convince it that it’s also too hard and/or too stupid to protect themselves.

  6. KG says:

    “…once you convince a nation that it’s too hard and/or too stupid to look after its own health, it’s not too hard to convince it that it’s also too hard and/or too stupid to protect themselves.”
    Precisely. Sheeple have a tendency to blunder down the line of least resistance.