the Gulf country is burning

338363-north-queensland-fires335042-a-firestorm-destroyed-historic-esmerelda-station-homestead-in-gulf-‘OWNERS of historic Esmeralda station homestead have witnessed first-hand the devastation of the “forgotten” wildfires of the Gulf country.
About 200 multimillion-dollar grazing properties have been ravaged – with more than 10 completely burnt-out.
Thousands of head of cattle have also been destroyed in the fires burning across far north Queensland.
They have burned a vast stretch of earth from the tip of Cape York, as far south as Hughenden and out to Mount Isa.
Queensland Fire Service officials estimate the sparsely populated zone covers more than one million square kilometres – 33 times the size of Belgium – but after nearly four months of firefighting, little relief is in sight…’       source
Damn shame…Esmeralda was a magnificent homestead. The fires down south get lots of publicity, and perhaps that’s fair enough since they’re more densely populated there. But there’s a very real disaster going on up here that a lot of Australians are completely unaware of.
And of course, Juliar-bloody-Gillard doesn’t tour the North for photo-ops, full of conspicuous sympathy – they don’t vote Labor up here, you see…

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28 Responses to the Gulf country is burning

  1. mawm says:

    I wish you and Gecko well and hope that they don’t threaten you. Cheers. :cool:

  2. KG says:

    Thanks, mawm. We’re not in any great danger here unless we go for one of our bush drives and get cut off. But the Hilux can go cross-country well enough most places to get us out of the crap. Unless it’s very windy….

  3. Robertvdl says:

    Bloody Hell. For me it is just impossible to imagine how BIG Australia is. :shock:

    • KG says:

      :lol: Well, there’s certainly plenty of it, Robert. We’re popping into town for some groceries and to get the car serviced tomorrow and it’s a 1000km round trip.
      But we love the space.
      I just dropped off an item at somebody’s place this morning and his driveway is 10km past his neighbour’s. And 7km long.

    • Ronbo says:

      Think USA with less than 10% of our population.

      If only Australia could desalt the sea water and pump it inland… but this could only happen using nuclear power to keep the costs within the solar system…and you know how much the Australian environmentalist wackos hate the nuke.

      • The Gantt Guy says:

        Australia’s leftard gummints have actually built several desal plants, ronbo. AFAIK there’s one in each of VIC and QLD, and I think a couple in NSW.

        They put them in during the last long dry spell (which went for about 5 years), to deal with ‘climate change’ (or ‘global warming’ as it was back in those heady days) because it was never ever gonna rain again in Australia. Nossir, not ever never.

        And then it rained. The rain conspired with good old union graft and corruption to delay work on the VIC plant by several months. But now, it’s up and racing. Costing several million dollars a day in contract payments, to not pump a single drop of water.

  4. Robertvdl says:

    If burning wood would be the only problem, Earth would be a great place to live.

    Tim Alexander – – Latest Geopolitical Spiritual Analysis of our Current World

  5. Donald (South Australia) says:

    KG, good to know all is well with you.

    Gillard is one of those despicable creeps known as disaster tourists, and she compounds the ugliness with attempted personal political gain from others’ misfortunes .

    But on her AWU-WRA form, why would anyone expect anything else from her?

  6. KG says:

    Thanks Donald. You guys have had your share of fires too, I see.

    As for Gillard…we were in a roadhouse a while ago and they had a big tv playing in there. I saw a woman being interviewed in one of the flood areas and she was so delighted that Gillard had toured the place, accompanied of course by hordes of tv cameras. She said it “shows how much she cares about us”.
    I make no comment about that woman’s IQ and GI. (GI=Gullibility Index)

  7. Findalis says:

    I heard a rumor that Muslims started the fires as a act of terror. Is there any truth to this?

  8. KG says:

    No idea yet, Findalis. All I’ve seen are press reports saying some young boys have been caught lighting fires. Nothing else.

    • Findalis says:

      You all stay safe and if they tell you to run, you run and fast. No object is worth more than your lives. I’ll put you all in my prayers.

      • KG says:

        Why, thank you for that.
        But we’ll be making our own decision whether to run or not, should it come to that. The clipboard carriers are not going to make that decision for us.

        • Darin says:

          My experience with clipboard Nazis has been they are usually people who have no clue what they are doing and sometimes end up needing rescue themselves.

          When is the last time the fires burned there?Reason I ask is out west here they let the fuel load build up so much that when it did finally catch and burn,the fires were so hot they sterilized the soil and now in many places nothing will grow back for decades.

          • KG says:

            Too true about the clipbarstards… :evil:

            It burns every year, Darin, in big patches. Usually just before the Wet arrives. So it’s nothing unusual or particularly harmful. The problem right now is the prolonged heat has dried the country out more than usual, the winds are high and there are a lot of dry storms around to start fresh fires. No rain to moderate it and none in sight for the next few weeks at least.

  9. KG says:

    McChrystal is and always was a career brassocrat who got a lot of good men killed, the asshole. Fuck him and all of his tribe. :evil:
    Knuckledraggin nails it:
    ” But the irony is that McChrystal, who issued the most restrictive rules of engagement ever promulgated on American troops, waxes know-it-all on what it takes to keep our people safe. He can micromanage the campaign, release a bunch of inept, bureaucratic PowerPoint jockeys into highly protected mega-bases to command the troops under fire in the field, turn so-called general purpose troops into constabulary patrolmen, and become a laughingstock when his juvenile staff turned party-animal with Rolling Stone. But he didn’t manage the campaign in such a manner as to keep our children in uniform safe in Afghanistan. If he didn’t do that, why should I care what he has to say about anything else regarding my safety?…”

    • Darin says:

      I said it before,the American people have nothing to fear from the grunt or the combat hardened vet.It’s the chair polishing Pentagon lackey that is the threat should TSHTF.Their allegiance is sworn to their pay grade. :evil:

  10. KG says:

    “Just take it from an Indian: never, ever surrender your weapon. It means defeat. It means you acknowledge the superior force of him to demands your weapon. Unless you’re ready to do that, hold on to that weapon. It is about personal defense now, against enemies–foreign and domestic, against illegal immigrant (Mexican and Muslim) and obviously the Communist Democrats running the United States government. This is where we are. ”