More multicultural fun – and useless cops.

‘ABORIGINAL leaders have told the ABC racial tensions are set to explode at Logan, south of Brisbane, after a weekend of violent clashes.

The drama began on Saturday night when several carloads of Pacific Islanders allegedly attacked two cars and a house at Woodridge, the ABC reports.

It’s alleged bats, machetes, poles and bricks were used in the attack and there was a threat to burn down the house, forcing 11 people inside to take shelter in a back room.

Greg Barlow has told the ABC no one in the house knew what was going on and kept dialling triple zero, but police took more than an hour to show up…’

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24 Responses to More multicultural fun – and useless cops.

  1. Barry says:

    Australia is suicidal letting Pacific Islanders in. They are disproportionally high committers of violent crime and disproportionally high users of the welfare state. They bring only bad things to a white Western country such as Australia.

  2. And had those who were cowering in the back room had firearms with which to protect themselves it wouldn’t have mattered how long it took the police to get there. No government can defend the individual citizen. Police response takes time and there are potentially competing interests for the time of the police. Hence they prioritize calls and there may be a buffer holding a number of calls ahead of your call for assistance.

    There are police departments within the U.S. where officers have 10-15 high priority calls for service pending in their zones. This is why disarming the public has predictable results. Last I heard Australia found that violent crime had risen 42% since disarming the citizens. Further, it was found that such drastic measures had no impact on stemming violent crime because criminals by definition will violate the law.

    Yet Australia and Great Britain take great pride in being gun free nations and in having terrible police response times. They would have been better off calling in and telling dispatch that they had a large fire and the response would have been a lot quicker. Additionally, the sirens would likely have driven off the offenders. If anybody had any heartburn about the matter they could easily point to the average police response time as a defense.

    • Ronbo says:


      The thing is if the honest citizens of Britain and Australia want to arm themselves, how the hell can any government stop them? The bad guys have guns and the good guys can buy them as well on the black market, which could less care what the individual will do with his weapon, as long as the asking price is paid.

      So fuck the government! Today in the Western World there is not ONE country where the inalienable rights of citizens are protected; therefore, We The People can pick and choose what law will obey.

      Clearly, laws on gun control are the ones we should NEVER obey!

  3. mistress mara says:

    I can’t comment on whether or not the cops are useless but the government certainly is, and they make the rules. My guess is that most cops feel the same way as you do Barry about the Pacific Islanders AND the folk of “middle-Eastern” appearance.
    As for the Aboriginal, successive govts. have castrated them with welfare .. they have no future.

  4. Darin says:

    A story buried here in the States,seems the women in India are tired of being raped and the police doing nothing-

  5. Phil Stephenson says:

    Joh Bjelke Petersen may have been a corrupt clown but in his day the Queensland coppers would have shown up in force and beaten the shit out of them at the scene, and then taken them back to the station to properly discuss their attitude with them in the privacy of the cell complex, before putting them in front a magistrate who would have known full what treatement had been meted out to them before they got o him. Then, he would have dispensed some statutory justice to add to what the wallopers had already dished out. Times have changed, though. None of this excuses the delay in, or lack of, response to the weekend’s events, but try not to blame the front line officers for this kind of shitfight.

    • KG says:

      I don’t blame the front line officers for this, Phil. But I do blame them for staying in the job and doing nothing about protesting the rotten set of priorities.

  6. mistress mara says:

    Cannot do much about what happens in India but I am hugely pissed off when immigrants to NZ bring the same attitude to my country. In Auckland there is a private welfare agency that spends much of its time dealing with this cultural input that sees women beaten and killed and I gather that it is overwhelmed by the result of our “diversity” culture. In other words we are importing major cultural problems and turn a blind eye for fear of being politically incorrect. Leftie middle class feminists still bang on about “glass ceilings” but strangely ignore the plight of beaten and veiled “others” in their communities. Latte drinking hyprocrytes and cowards all.

  7. rivoniaboy says:

    Well said – MM.

  8. Darin says:

    Time for community policing aka militias,same as India and Mexico,sooner or later the people will be fed up enough to take action on their own.Of course the west will probably turn into an India or a Mexico before people wake up.

  9. I just don’t understand these pinheads, not only are there social problems with multiculturalism, there are also fiscal problems. The follow is a snippet from the Gates Of Vienna relating to Norway’s problem.

    “For the unemployment rate among immigrants is, as it was twenty years ago, three times higher than the rest of the population. Among Africans it is six times as high.”

    There was a study done years ago in Britain into the economic advantages/disadvantages of immigration (not necessarily multiculturalism) which found there was no advantage, but here they are pushing for more of it.

  10. KG says:

    To be fair, I’ve known some damn good front-line cops, employed some wonderful Pacific Island workers and I also had Aboriginal friends, fine people all.
    So the headline to this post isn’t entirely accurate.
    But the generalisations hold good.

  11. Phil Stephenson says:

    This was in today’s Daily Telegaph:

    This is the way of the future for Australia. Basically, we are fucked and I don’t think there is much we can do about it.

  12. KG says:

    “This is the way of the future for Australia. Basically, we are fucked and I don’t think there is much we can do about it.”
    Yes indeed. :sad:

  13. Darin says:

    Harry Reid said yesterday I believe it was,that Immigration Reform would be the Senates top priority this session ahead of everything else including gun control which he didn’t think would pass either house of congress anyway.

    So to translate-“Even if we don’t get to grab guns this go around we will once we have permanent majorities in both houses after we legalise all 14-20million illegals and sign them up to vote Democrat”

    And there we have it folks,the death of the US,signed,sealed and delivered.

  14. KG says:

    Yep. Defeat by demographics, enabled by traitors. Do people still think civil war is the worst possible outcome?

  15. Phil Stephenson says:

    “Do people still think civil war is the worst possible outcome?”

    Yes, I do, and it’s not just because I don’t want to see a civilised country turn on itself. There is also the issue of self interest, because if the US is destabilised by a civil war it will lead to China becoming more powerful. The most powerful country in the world is currently a free country, and I fear for the fate of civilisation if China assumes that position.

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      But Phil, it’s a fact that war is inevitable. The soap-box has failed. The ballot-box has failed. Only the cartridge-box remains. And the choice is stark. It either happens now (or soon), when patriots’ blood is boiling and sufficient numbers understand what’s happening. Or it happens perhaps a generation from now, when the statists have their permanent leftist majority, when they have destroyed patriots by destroying the fiat currency, and when they have stolen from patriots any weapon which may have some efficacy against tyranny.

      There’s a reckoning coming. Obama and the Left-Dems have set things up so it’s inevitable. The only question is whether we draw the line now, or back up just a little further and leave the mess for our children.

  16. KG says:

    “The most powerful country in the world is currently a free country”
    No, no it isn’t. It may be relatively “free” but it’s a long, long way from what the Founders intended.
    Ballots do not a free country make.
    Think political corruption, eminent domain, voter fraud, crony capitalism etc etc etc. That ain’t freedom.
    I agree absolutely with what Gantt’s saying.

  17. KG says:

    “..if the US is destabilised by a civil war it will lead to China becoming more powerful..”
    The policies of the current Administration have done and still are doing just that. China holds massive amounts of U.S. debt–if that’s not power then I don’t know what is. China is now in a position to dictate U.S. foreign policy.
    Unless there’s a revolution, the Dems and the Republicans will continue to weaken the country. Look at Darin’s comments about this Administration’s immigration policies–they can only weaken the country.
    The cold hard truth is that a civil war may tear the country apart…but no war will mean a slow slide into disaster instead.

  18. The Gantt Guy says:

    Notice the “I” and “M” words strangely absent from this article:

    The closest the author (or his subbie) gets to identifying the cultural background is the passage “Nine men, mostly of Asian heritage”.

    And we wonder why traditional British culture is dead.