Keep your effing hands off OUR flag

flagThe run-up to Australia Day now routinely sees attacks on the flag by various academic social-engineering assholes and their media allies, creeps who have no allegiance to anything except their rotten ideology. Take a look at this (predictable) drivel recycled by News. com:
Flag our greatest Australian divide
Sydney University researcher Ben Moffitt, who wrote a thesis on the Cronulla race riots, said the use of the flag during that violence had left an ugly mark.
….The riots was a “perfect storm” of symbolism with lasting connotations, he said.
“You had life savers, the beach, the Australian flag, the southern cross, the Eureka tattoo,” Mr Moffitt said.
“Chuck in some beers, the hot sun. It’s all those Australian symbols turned into a nasty cocktail.”
…University of Technology Sydney associate professor Katrina Schlunke said the flag had become a confused symbol, both filled with meaning and deprived of it…’

No mention, you’ll note, of the fact that Lebanese muslims sparked the riot with their disgusting behaviour, no mention of the fact that it was mainly young Australians who were convicted of offences while those same bastard muslim thugs were virtually given a free pass. No, the Cronulla riots have become a case for blaming “Aussie racism” and the truth has been long lost or forgotten. You’ll note, too that the recent muslim riots are never so described–they were merely religious objections to a movie clip!
As for Katrina Schlunke–go get a real job in a respectable organisation and shut your trap instead of pontificating about things you know fuck-all about. There is nothing “confused” about our flag among people who know what Australia is and what the flag stands for. The only confusion is on the part of slimy dishonest academics and people who have come to this country as parasites and primitive thugs–people you and your ilk are very largely responsible for supporting, you dumb bitch.

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17 Responses to Keep your effing hands off OUR flag

  1. Robertvdl says:

    I would like to change the Europian flag. Something like this.

  2. KG says:

    :mrgreen: Quite so, Robert.
    There shouldn’t be any such thing as a “European” flag. The whole damn thing is a bureaucratic utopian construct and should be utterly destroyed.
    Viva nationalism!

  3. mawm says:

    Ah yes, those symbols of overt racism…………………lifesavers, beach, hot sun, beer, tattoos.

    Another Canterbury researcher does a useless PhD, this one on New Zealanders moving to Aus. Finds kiwis feel picked on, hide their accents, tired of being the butt of sheep shagger jokes, hate the Aussie attitude to Abo’s, hate their sexist BBQ culture……and you thought it was only those from ME hell holes.

  4. Elijah says:

    I think these wet underwear types are trying to justify their useless academic positions with statements like these.

    “a confused symbol, both filled with meaning and deprived of it…”

    She should stop projecting her own insecurities on the rest of us.

  5. sbk says:

    Chuck in some beers, the hot sun. It’s all those Australian symbols turned into a nasty cocktail.”

    FFS…”Chuck in some burqas and i dont give a fuck about anything Aussie?Christian/Hindu/Jewish mentality ,the hot sun…Its all those Islamic symbols turned into a nasty reality.

    ..funny how the fuckwit researcher? never mentions Islamic beliefs as a cause of confontation and strife…naughty Aussies you obviously havent bent backwards/over enough…FFS get rid of everything you hold sacred in case it offends someone fresh off the boat …and cover up.

    • Barry says:

      Well said sbk! Similar garbage – mostly from part-Maoris and their lying sympathisers – is going on about our flag in NZ

  6. dondiego says:

    The “republican” question was flawed? -Then what the hell does (deliberately ambiguous?) “a need to reclaim the Australian flag as a symbol of unity”, mean :?:

    Laziness and cowardice again rear their ugly twin-heads. So much easier to practice self-loathing and attack true Aussies. Especially when you know, but can’t admit, how your non-sense would be received in the Lebo’s toilet country.

    On a lighter note, think I’ll head to Canberra for Australia day.
    [Ha :!: -I wouldn’t dream of being around stick-shakers in Waitangi for New Zealand day]

  7. KG says:

    ” So much easier to practice self-loathing and attack true Aussies.”

  8. KG says:

    It wouldn’t play too well out here in Western cattle country, DonD. :twisted:

  9. Muggle says:

    Maybe the blue background can be changed to green to represent Australia’s commitment to its Muslim citizens