The arrogance of B-grade has-beens

and their media sycophants:
‘A HIGH-powered alliance of top Australians has unveiled a new national sporting flag and plans to use it to gatecrash major sporting events.
…The not-for-profit group’s directors include businesswoman Janet Holmes a Court, former Australian of The Year Patrick McGorry, television journalist Ray Martin and author and former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons.
…The new flag is pitched at sporting events only, but the group hopes to use it to help change attitudes and eventually knock the Union Jack off the official flag with another design…’

“Top Australians”??  Heaven help us if this is how top Australians are now defined. These self-important bastards trot their garbage out in the lead-up to every Australia Day. We mere peasants LIKE our sporting flag and see no need to change it. The fact that you don’t like that attitude is just tough titty, you arrogant twerps. Fuck off and find a worthwhile cause, if you’re so desperate for attention.

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2 Responses to The arrogance of B-grade has-beens

  1. The Gantt Guy says:

    Leaving aside for a moment that those proposing this travesty are also the heart & soul of the “republican movement” in Aus (which kinda says a lot about the republican movement), I’d strongly recommend anyone who knows any of those flag-waving, Eureka-tattoo-wearing, Muzzie-bashing racist misogynists (“real Australians” to you and me) should get in touch with them and get them along to real Australian sporting events (Bathurst, cricket at the M- and SCG, NRL, Rugby, etc) and get their flags out. Leave FitzSimons and his other wankers to wave their little flags at the National Backgammon Championships.

  2. KG says:

    “Leave FitzSimons and his other wankers to wave their little flags at the National Backgammon Championships.”