“Justice”? If you’re lucky…..

‘A court employee who retrieved photos and deleted text messages from Trayvon Martin’s cellphone has been placed on administrative leave after an attorney testified that prosecutors didn’t properly turn over the evidence to the defense, an attorney said Wednesday.
…The defense released photos of a gun, marijuana plant and Martin’s text messages publicly, saying that if prosecutors planned to paint Zimmerman as the aggressor and Martin as the innocent bystander, they wanted the information to defend him…’

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6 Responses to “Justice”? If you’re lucky…..

  1. This case isn’t about self defense or justifiable homicide. It is about racism. From the very beginning of that shooting Zimmerman has been pilloried while Martin was presented as a good boy who was wrongfully persecuted by a black hating madman. News reports were edited to make Zimmerman look bad, photographs of Martin were used that showed him as being much younger and more innocent looking due to his young age, and the racial guilt dealers like Al Sharpton got wound up like a ten day clock.

    Since that time, the left has always painted Zimmerman as a racist. They didn’t and don’t care about the fact, they don’t care to hear Zimmerman’s story, and they don’t care about proof. They just want him to hang. It doesn’t surprise me that the prosecution and Court are playing games because this began as a prosecutorial game in the first place.

    A white man killed a black teenager and now whitey has to pay and that is the racism that I referenced earlier. The racism of the left and of blacks who demand one standard for whites and one for themselves. It is a racism that serves no one, but those who bear hatred in their hearts and the law be damned.

  2. KG says:

    “It is a racism that serves no one, but those who bear hatred in their hearts and the law be damned.”
    Absolutely, William.

    • Ronbo says:

      Speaking as one who was a long time resident of Central Florida, I can only say that I’m shocked…Simply SHOCKED! that a Republican dominated southern state like Florida would even arrest a man for SELF DEFENSE, much less prosecute him :!: :!: :!:

      Yes, I can see something like this happening in a corrupt, degenerate, socialist state like California or New York, but FLORIDA :?: :evil:

      Governor Scott of Florida better be watching his back if Zimmerman is convicted, because that RINO ball-less bastard signed off on the racist black lynch mob action against Zimmerman. :evil:

      • KG says:

        Angela Corey ought to be in jail.

        • Darin says:

          Ron,the problem is Florida is filling up rapidly with northern,white liberal demorats from New York and New Jersey :evil:

          This is nothing more than a media lynching,Zimmerman will be sacrificed to keep Florida form burning in the riots that would result from a not guilty verdict.

  3. john says:

    We be talkin’ ’bout Obama’s son here so whitey gotta pay.