Is Turkey next?

I’ve been seeing blips in the media here about the riots and protests breaking out in Turkey.Is Turkey next to fall like Egypt did to the muslim brotherhood?

It will be interesting to see what happens if anything to a nation that is more secular and more advanced than many in the muslim world. If Turkey does fall into the control of the muslim brotherhood,then how far off could a colapse be in western nations such as France and GB given their burgeoning and increasingly violent muslim populations?

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  1. Findalis says:

    Turkey is already an Islamic nation. This is to make it free again. Let them riot!

  2. KG says:

    The Turkish army has a record of supporting a secular state, but Erdogan has purged the top ranks over the past couple of years.
    Which way the army will go is now anybody’s guess.

    • Darin says:

      Same thing as in Egypt,the Army there is/was secular,now who knows.My bet is if the muslim nuts succeed in Turkey,France or GB or some other western European nation will be next.
      The only uncertainty in my mind is if it will be met with civil war or will the non-muslim population just roll over.

      • KG says:

        The Turkish people don’t have a reputation for simply rolling over. And I doubt the army is going to be too enthusiastic about supporting the islamist-leaning Erdogan. That’s not to say they won’t, but they’ll be operating on the edge of open mutiny imho.

  3. KG says:

    Interesting, too, that Turkey may well become a member of the EUSSR……

    • Ronbo says:

      I was stationed in Turkey at Sinop (on the Black Sea) at the electronic intelligence SIGINT base for a brief time in 1974. And brief tour it was! About thirty days into my tour, in early hours of a morning in August,the Turkish Army stormed the base with loaded rifles and fixed bayonets and bagged us harmless unarmed technicians, herded us into American aid provided GM buses, and transported to the nearest air field to be flown nonstop to Frankfurt, Germany.

      This was because the Turks and Greeks – both good NATO allies – were just about ready to go to war over Cyprus – and the Turks wanted the U.S. military out of Turkey, as the Americans were Infidels just like the Greeks.

      What I’m trying to say is that the so-called “Secular” Turks are pretty the same as the “Brotherhood” Turks – when push comes to shove, the tilt always goes in direction against the West.

      Like Syria, the West doesn’t have a dog in this fight.

      On a personal note I arrived in Germany in 1974 with the uniform on my back, as the Turkish army looted our barracks. The U.S. Army paid us $300 to replace thousands of dollars in stolen personal effects. However, we were allowed to sue the Turkish government for our losses.

      I’m still waiting for my check. :mrgreen:

      • The Gantt Guy says:

        “What I’m trying to say is that the so-called “Secular” Turks are pretty the same as the “Brotherhood” Turks – when push comes to shove, the tilt always goes in direction against the West.”

        I was having a quiet pint the other night with a couple of our refugees from the Motherland (“Gulf Harbour” has semi-officially been re-named “POM Harbour”). These gents are former MET “special squad” officers who took advantage of the NZ Police officer to British coppers to flee south for the quiet life* – and, interestingly, one of them was the officer in charge of the scene at Tavistock Square when the 7/7 attacks took place. They have some stories to tell, these gents!

        Anyways, they were saying there are many, many instances during officer training over there where the Pakis and other assorted miscreants quite openly say that when TSHTF they are Muslims first, and Police Officers second.

        There are Muslims, and there are Infidels. One’s loyalty cannot be divided.

        *They have some very interesting stories about the rampant corruption within NZ Police!

        • KG says:

          “*They have some very interesting stories about the rampant corruption within NZ Police!”

          I bet they do. That’s what happens when you have a supine, cowardly press. And it reaches all the way up to NZ’s highest court. And that’s why, I believe, they got rid of the right to appeal to the Privy Council. :evil:

          • The Gantt Guy says:

            Yep, absolutely. Margaret Wilson has a helll of a lot to answer for, making that move.

            I see it as a classic one-two punch. She gets rid of appeals to the Privy Council and stacks the “Supreme” Court with statist political operatives. Her successor gets rid of a thousand years of the Westminster system of democracy, abolishes Parliamentary supremacy in favour of turning those political operatives into demi-Gods with absolute power.

            The Maorification of New Zealand is almost complete. Thanks in large part to two deviants and terrorists for whom nobody ever cast a vote. :twisted:

  4. Robertvdl says:

    EU next.

    Frankfurt – Thousands of anti-austerity protesters gathered on Saturday near European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt for a second day, with some skirmishes with police reported.

    A group of people with their faces covered and carrying ropes and signs were held back by police.

    Police said they were pelted with fireworks and bags of paint by members of the group of between 200 and 400 people and had responded with pepper spray and one injured person was taken from the scene.

    Organisers said police were preventing 1 000 protesters from joining the march.

    Authorities said the overall mood on the second day of Blockupy protests was peaceful. Police said about 7 000 protesters were marching in Frankfurt, while organizers put the number at closer to 20 000.

  5. The Muslims have an eye toward conquering Europe. Like the aristocracy of the Middle Ages, they will do so by breeding out the native Europeans. With most European nations having a birth rate that does not allow the native population to be replaced, the 5.1+ birthrates of Muslim families will make them the dominant population in Europe in the next 30 years. As that point comes into range, expect to see widespread violence in Western Europe.

    Turkey is only the beginning. The next nation to suffer the contractions giving birth to the Muslim Brotherhood will be France. But first, they need to re-establish the Caliphate and that means that Turkey must be brought in line.

    • Ronbo says:


      Believe it or not, the birthrate in the Muslim World is LOWER than the West – Iran in particular is rapidly aging and dying.

      Yes, I know the Muslim birthrate in Western Europe is high, but that’s only because of the Socialist Welfare States who encourage women on relief to have more children and receive larger checks.

      The problem here for Islam is that except for Germany, Western Europe is pretty much bankrupt and soon the welfare checks will cease.

      Then what? Muslim insurrection? Like I’ve said before, the Muslims are surrounded in urban areas by hostile Europeans only held in check by their reactionary socialist regimes. What happens when the police and military don’t get their paychecks?

      So I’m not so sure about that Calipate thingy.

      • Ronbo says:

        “Eberstadt and co-author Apoorva Shah conclude, “The remarkable fertility declines [sic] now unfolding throughout the Muslim world is one of the most important demographic developments in our era. Yet it has been ‘hiding in plain sight’ – that is to say, it has somehow gone unrecognized and overlooked by all but a handful of observers, even by specialists in the realm of population….”


  6. Flashman says:

    I’ve never shared the popular NZ enthusiasm for Turkey or the Turk. Their history is one of a rapacious Islamic dagger stabbing at Europe.

    • Ronbo says:

      INDEED, Flashman!

      The terrible Turks had advanced by September 11, 1683 to the Gates of Vienna and were posed to conquer Europe – but were defeated there by a Christian army led by a heroic Polish king.

      Muslims can be Turkish, Egyptian, Saudi, Persian – whatever – but like the Pakistani cop told the English cop in the post above – they are FIRST AND ALWAYS MUSLIMS – and commanded by Allah (Satan) to make war on the Infidels.

      This is why my motto since 9/11 has been, “The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim :!:

      It’s very simple for Ronbo: If a man tells you he worships Satan and he’s going to murder, or enslave you “some day” – you kill him today in self defense :!: