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  1. Ronbo says:

    Our Uncle Remus says:

    “It’s time to give partisan war some weight in your preps, the left’s tantrum is turning into militant insurgency. We can’t know where this is going or who’s loyal to who, but it’s plain DC is getting dangerously unstable. It may be closed-loop hysteria, or it may be that everything of consequence is happening backstage. Everyone knows something, no one knows everything, and everyone has a theory. This is isn’t politics, this is treachery, government by scam, third world stuff. ”

    I have to disagree. The country has been down this path before in 1861-65 and it’s called civil war. Once again we have divided into two hostile nations who detest one another. This hatred was most recently exposed at Berkeley on March 4th when pro-Trumpers and Leftists engaged in fist fights.

    The pot is boiling and recent events in Washington D.C. are almost a mirror image of what happened there in the spring of 1861, when pro-Confederate elements inside the federal government attempted to sabotage the new Lincoln Administration.

    …and do we not have in the person of Barack Obama a new rebel president of a rival republic? Do we not see secession being seriously discussed in Leftist dominated California? Do we not hear millions of Leftist say, “Trump is not my president.”

    I predict soon they will say, “The United States of America is not my country.”

    What will happen next? If history is a teacher the guns of opposing sides will begin a dialogue.

  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    From my point of view in Oregon, I say, let the the Californians go. Please. Then let the socialists in America emigrate there.

    I suspect the secession talk is nothing but talk, but the real question is whether Trump is as bloodthirsty as Lincoln was, willing to go to war to prevent secession. Certainly the mad-dog neocons are.

    I recall that, when Obama was elected, the secession talk came from the right.

    The 50-State Secession

    • Ronbo says:

      “Blood thirsty Lincoln,” heh? My American history book says the rebels drew first bloody in South Carolina, and if you read the original sources on the causes of the CW I, you would note that the aggressor was the South long before the first shots were fired – the same type of anger and hatred today directed by the Leftists against anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with them.

      Yes, Libertarian, that includes you – the Lib mantra of “free minds and free markets” to them is like water poured on a cat – they go absolutely ape and want to kill the author of the “outrage.”

      In fact, the hatred of the Left has reached such heights that they as a matter of routine assault physically and/or verbally their professors for “daring” to debate Libertarian and conservative speakers at various colleges.

      The mantra goes, “Fascists do not have freedom of speech.”

      This hatred….this climate of endless threats and actual violence all happened in the run up to CW I – and fur started flying when the Unionists started hating the rebels right back – and began to shoot right back at them.

      Its coming, Mr. Libertarian, and you shouldn’t be bad mouthing “neocons” and the conservatives and the nationalists and the populists – they are your allies – like it or not. We can argue all day the virtues of Big Government vs. Small Government, but we Rightists will argue with you and we will not shove our opinion down your throat.

      The Left will.

      So Mr. Libertarian do you stand with the Republic, warts and all, or do you think you can get a better deal from the totalitarian Left?

      Like the wise man said, “In this struggle we all stand together, or we will all hang separately.”

      • Calsdad says:

        Agreed. But …….. I’m seeing a trend in alt-right circles where many comments are dismissive of libertarians as the left is. For the record – I consider myself to be libertarian leaning conservative. My libertarianism (if you want to call it that) – comes from reading sites like Lew Rockwell’s for many years. IMHO – there are many “libertarians” who are fallen away leftists. Quite frankly I don’t know where some of these people fell off the bus – but their conception of libertarianism is a long ways’ away from mine.

        The stuff that gets published over at Lew Rockwell’s site – pretty much agrees with all of the stuff that is getting put out there by the alt-right people. They’re as against the left in total as the alt-right is.

        My only nit to pick – is that you defend the neocons. The neocons are nothing more than wolves in sheeps clothing IMHO – and they pretty much have been in total agreement with all the crap that has been getting pushed by the left for many decades. If people on the right are still defending neocons – they really – REALLY need to get their heads straight.

        Constant wars is not good for the country – and it’s not good for nationalism – because it will – and IS , destroying the nation.

        • KG says:

          Not my discussion, but when I see people such as the NZ Libertarianz advocating for open borders….I get out the bargepole.

          • Calsdad says:

            This is why I mentioned Lew Rockwell’s site. I don’t see any advocacy for open borders over there. It’s also why I mentioned that I think a lot of people who call themselves libertarians – are just fallen away leftists in somewhat the same manner as neocons are just fallen away leftists.

            Libertarianism IMHO – is about property rights. This point gets stressed over and over and over again at LR’s site. As such – their argument is that a nation is completely within it’s rights – to restrict immigration and close it’s borders. They are also completely against using government power – to force things down people’s throats. A person’s home – is his property. A person’s person – is their property. A government should not be able to force your person to give up the fruits of your livelihood – to support illegal immigrants – and the property argument logically extends to a community of people who are also property owners. The government should not be able to force a bunch of people on that community – that they do not want their. The principle of voluntary association also comes into play here – because if you can voluntarily associate – then you can also NOT associate.

            I don’t know why so many people cannot get this shit straight. But this is why I mention that many libertarians seem to be fallen away leftists (like the neocons) – because deep down in their soul – they simply do not believe in these two simple principles no matter how much they proclaim that they do. Push them hard – and the veneer falls away.

            Ronbo makes the point that libertarians should not see the nationalists , and the populists as enemies. I disagree – I think the problem is reversed. The alt-right nationalists and populists need to get their shit straight and see that there is a libertarian core that has been making the arguments they are now making – for a LONG TIME.

            As far as the neocons go – they are the enemy IMHO. Anybody paying real attention to the history of the last 20 years or so should be able to figure this out.

            • KG says:

              I certainly have little argument with any of that, calsdad. It’s almost exactly my position on those issues, with the rider that the time for nationalism is now, if we’re to counter globalism and the fascist basis of the left.
              Nationalism will have to be extremist, because the enemy recognises no civilized boundaries to our ideological differences, but as Goldwater said (if memory serves) “extremism in defense of liberty is no vice”.

              • Ronbo says:

                @KG: Once again GMTA!

                Once again the Lincoln and the Republicans in CW I treated the rebels in the south and their allies in the north with the iron fist – for instance, Lincoln threw into federal prison over 38,000 rebel allies in the Media. He had disloyal newspapers shut down. He arrested the Governor of Maryland who was about to take Maryland out of the Union, which would have resulted in Washington, D.C. being completely surrounded. Lincoln had a rebel ally Congressman deported to Canada. He ordered the arrest of the Supreme Court Chief Justice, although the U.S. Marshal didn’t deliver the warrant and make the arrest, waiting for Lincoln to calm down.

                I could go on and on, but the same sort of iron fist is needed today to crush the New Rebels.

                Either that or run up the white flag, because they are coming for us.

                • Calsdad says:

                  The problem with Lincoln – is that he set the stage for the out of control government that all of those people you’re talking about – take advantage. Most lefties LOVE Lincoln – for exactly the reasons you detailed. He was for the state – and state power.

                  IMHO – that is a good part of the problem that got us here – the worship of state power to shove down people’s throats that which they do not agree with. And that is exactly what you’re complaining about : the use of state power to shove all this leftist crap down our throats. The alt-right seems to think that getting control of that state power is the solution. I disagree – I think getting rid of that state power is the solution. I keep hearing about culture – and nationalism. Well if this country – this nation – is anything – it’s one built on the backs of individuals and individual liberties. People did not come here looking for a new king. They did not come here looking for tyranny. This place was not built – by white men – so that the cloud people could benefit. This is what really concerns me a LOT about the alt-right. They are arguing for returning to a nation – that I don’t think ever really existed. And if it did – it was by subjugation of the original nation built by the people who originally settled here.

      • Rollory says:

        ” if you read the original sources on the causes of the CW I, you would note that the aggressor was the South”

        The aggressor was the hard-line immediacy of the puritan abolitionist movement. That was the root cause. Slavery disappeared peacefully everywhere in white civilization except the USA because of this. If you can’t be bothered to read past the propaganda your history books are feeding you then not much else you have to say on anything is going to be worth paying attention to.

        As for the specific circumstances, the Confederacy was no more the aggressor at Sumter than the minutemen were at Concord. A foreign and hostile power was maintaining military forces on their territory, a reaction is an entirely ordinary thing to expect. If you can’t admit this you’re simply lying to yourself.

      • Doug says:

        Lincoln got half a million Americans killed, that’s not bloodthirsty? What was the death toll at Ft. Sumpter?

  3. Ronbo says:

    I’m thinking these recent lone wolf fence jumpers at the White House could either be loony tune actors, or a test of the White Hose defenses. I know if were a terrorist leader bent on taking Trump out, I would be studying closely the ease mentally challenged individuals gained access to the White House.

    Now imagine what a heavily armed 40 man platoon of ISIS or Leftist suicide terrorists could do to the White House and the Administration in less than half an hour….Next imagine a typical business day when all hands are present including the president, close advisors and the cabinet.

    The bastards would not only get to take out Trump, but pretty much massacre the entire Administration.

    BTW, did you know in 1968 a suicide platoon of North Koreans were nearly able to assault “The Blue House” where in the South Korean president was in residence? As luck would have it, the ROK MPs smelled a rat and stopped the bogus soldiers all decked in ROK uniforms and heavily armed.

    But don’t believe me….a former SS agent makes my case.

    • Pascal says:

      Well Ronbo, there’s more fences that were breached than those around the WH.


      Many ramparts to protect and much of the defensive forces either tied-up or manned by fifth columnists.

      • Ronbo says:

        Yeah, I saw that…what does the Lamestream media hope to prove with a 12 year old Trump tax return?

        But like I tweeted to the Rachel traitor-bitch – “The IRS has all of your tax returns and even Al Capone went to prison for income tax evasion. Trump is president. Karma BITES!