Trump Should Reverse the Bet

Trump should reverse the bet with nations who refuse to accept their deported citizens-


“As for these 23 countries, it is time to play hard ball. The Trump administration should say to these nations, “If you like your goods sold in the U.S., and if you like that foreign aid we send you, then you must take back your criminals or else all of that will come to an end.”

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13 Responses to Trump Should Reverse the Bet

  1. Ronbo says:

    It sounds like something that should have acted on already by Trump appointed officials, but I’m wondering how much authority he really has as president, since the Deep State stooges are busy with their sabotage of anything he orders.

    • Darin says:

      Well like so many have pointed out,he still doesn’t have his full array of appointees in place.There are still judgeship’s to fill and of course congress is off running at their usual blistering pace.

      • Ronbo says:

        @Darin: Speaking of Trump’s appointees – why the hell hasn’t he fired Comey, the FBI Director. Clearly, this guy is a traitor – BIG TIME – and has set his sights on somehow proving that Trump had a Russia connection during the campaign. If I were Trump I would have fired this dangerous scumbag on Day One in office.

        I say he either takes out Comey, or Comey takes out him.

        What do you think?

        • Darin says:

          I hope Comey and his ilk are being given enough rope to hang themselves.

          • Ronbo says:

            Darin, but don’t you think every second that Comey stays in office he becomes even more dangerous to Trump? You do remember what he did to Libby? He got him convicted of a a “process crime” (allegedly he lied to the FBI) that had NOTHING to do with the offense under investigation.

            …and not only does Trump have to worry about just FBI, the Justice Department is 97% pro-Obama (This based on their campaign contributions to Hillary. So the DOJ badly needs a purge to get rid of these dangerous parasites.

            THE WOODPILE REPORT is up today and Uncle Remus finds a very interesting link:


            I agree…this No. 1 Impeachment Move against Trump is right out of the Leftist Playbook that was fine tuned with the destruction of Libby – It’s called “LAWFARE” and should be considered a bloodless front in CW II.

            • MikeH. says:

              Personally, Ron, I don’t understand why Trump announced he wanted Comey to stay. I figured he knew what he was doing. However, I can’t see any way Trump can send him packing now, without giving the left all the ammo to claim Comey’s ouster was to “silence” him and the “evidence” against Trump. At this point in time, it has become a damned if he does / damned if he doesn’t suicide act.

                • Darin says:

                  It’s possible Trump is letting Comey finish his investigations on the fabricated Russian connection play out and once those produce no evidence and are closed,then Trump will TCB.

  2. Alan says:

    Trump is far from stupid. He has obviously kept Comey on for a reason. My view is that he is gradually building evidence against Comey to charge him with a major felony. A top detective often has enough evidence to charge an offender but waits and gives the felon enough rope so that he can hang him. It is quite possible that Comey was the or one of the major leakers in the Flynn case and others, and that any premature action taken now will jeopardise things in a big way.

    • Ronbo says:

      @Alan – That’s what Hannibal did to the Romans at Cannae – He pulled back his center and allowed the Romans to charge ahead thinking his troops were in retreat – when the Romans were committed, he pulled in his flanks on the right and left to overlap. At this point the Romans were completely surrounded and destroyed…something like 50,000 Romans killed in a single afternoon of combat.
      —————————–Dictionary Definition———————
      The Envelopment is the classic military tactic of seizing objectives in the enemy’s rear with the goal of destroying specific enemy forces and denying them the ability to withdraw. … A flanking maneuver or single envelopment consists of one enveloping force on a flank. attacking one of the enemy’s flanks.

      This maneuver is studied at all military academies – and, as is well known, Trump attended military school for four years….

      So you could very well be right – that Trump is giving his enemies the fiction of a retreat and inaction simply in order to draw them deeper into hostile territory – and then one fine morning they wake up to find themselves completely surrounded – AND DESTROYED.

      Another bloodless November 8, 2016 victory over an enemy far too arrogant and angry?

      Could be.

      • MikeH. says:

        Hell, I hope so.

        • Ronbo says:

          The German philosopher Hegel was generally speaking full of shit IMHO; however I think there was something to his “World Historical Figures” theory – men like Julius Caesar, George Washington, or Napoleon – the great individuals who changed the course of human events.

          Trump may be such a man – He certainly fills the bill IMHO in one aspect already – He is both loved and hated with passion, as indeed, are all history changing men.

          If Churchill were still alive, I think he would say this of Trump,

          “De Gaulle, a great man?” Churchill replied. “He is arrogant, an egoist, he thinks he’s the center of the universe. Yes, he’s a great man.”.

  3. Warren Tooley says:

    About this whole idea: Article 1, section 8-3 of the constitution says: Congress shall: ‘Regulate Commerce with foreign nations, and among several States, and with the Indian tribes’, so there its right their in the constitution.