FFS! #39,528

Apparently Thomas the Tank Engine is sexist and Dr Seuss is racist-


Are there even words for this level of stupid?


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  1. Pascal says:

    Categorize as “Orwell was right again!”

    “Are there even words for this level of stupid?”

    LOL. I contend that Orwell predicted it and gave it a name. He did several paragraphs in 1984 explaining the goal of the practice he called Duckspeak, but did not provide explicit examples.

    The best summation I’ve seen is

    “make articulate speech issue from the larynx without involving the higher brain centres at all.”

    I’m guessing he didn’t give us an example because he could see the value in its use but had not yet seen it put to use.

    We, unfortunately, have been forced to live with it and have not yet figured out a successful counter-ploy since we don’t command the most omnipresent stage as the SSM does.

    Such a widely staged practice, its contents prevented from being fairly contested on that stage and thus easily employed for inculcating weak and weakened minds, provides material for the jabbering parrots you may hear every hour of every day. Emitting words without involving the higher brain centers at all.

  2. KG says:

    “..in support of United Nations development goals ”
    The U.N. should be target #1 on every liberty loving person’s list. It’s a profoundly evil influence.

  3. Brown says:

    Wifey bought me the book on the life of Rev Awdry who wrote the Thomas The Tank Engine books. It was a nice read. Liberals, particularly feminists, were having a poke at his books years ago so this is not new. Children loved these books irrespective of the gross unfairness in the character make up so are smart enough to see through this nonsense.

    I also came to realise why the author was reluctant to allow his character’s faces on just any sort of engine – he was very fussy about accuracy, as were many of his young readers, so he was generally protecting his patch.

  4. Darin says:

    PJW:-The Truth about Hollywood


  5. KG says:

    FFS #39,529:
    “We are less as a country”
    A distraught Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has wept openly during an address to the nation on the death of a music icon..’

    Did this snivelling, despicable girly boy “weep openly” when muzzie scum killed a Canadian soldier in Canada?
    and #530:
    ‘Works by Shakespeare and Euripides that include violence and rape have been flagged with a trigger warning at Cambridge.’