Gun “Control” in Australia??

Not so much-

Sunday at the south-side club is gangster night. The blokes in streetwear – G Star Raw, Adidas, Louis Vuitton man-bags – the women in not much.

It’s an exhibition of murky trades: drug dealers, bikies, standover men, the underworld’s rising stars and wannabes.

They come from across the city to party and be seen, sweeping into the sprawling neon-lit club like royalty.

The ones flush with cash can spend big to get a VIP booth above the action, while the up-and-comers cluster in knots around the bar.

It looks like just another night fuelled by bravado, booze and cocaine, but they are also here to talk business under the cover of the pounding trance.

Contacts made in this club will blossom into drug deals, black market weapon sales, and violent feuds around the city.

In June, word spread that an AK-47 was available for $20,000.

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11 Responses to Gun “Control” in Australia??

  1. KG says:

    I’d be very, very wary of anything in that leftist rag. The Age is actually worse than the Guardian.

    • Darin says:

      Definitely,but I thought it interesting they would publish something that basically points out the failure in one of the left’s sacred cows,even if they most likely didn’t intend it that way.

  2. Jamie says:


    Jamie: How much you say???

    Shady Character: $20 thousand.

    Jamie: Bit steep don’t ya think….


    Any of you fellas ever want to witness[not experience] a hero’s welcome,
    Hit the club with a biker or gangsta in tow.

    A heads up, it’s advisable to stand back a bit so ya don’t get run over in the rush by the horde of hotties in heels, wet panties in hand, throwing elbows just to throw a warm and loving embrace around a welcome hero.

    Be careful but.
    Seeing a scene like that can change a mans perspective a bit.
    Leave a bloke feeling bitter and mean, cynical and cold.
    If he’s not careful but.

    Now it’s relatively straightforward understanding why a young buck with no ties might sign up for that.

    Understanding why the chicks continue to line up round the club house block for that???

    Well everyone knows women are never wrong.
    And who are you to judge anyway you stinking sexist pig.