Toby Manhire, you make me vomit.

Your touch-feely virtue signalling article is not only inaccurate (largely due to some inconvenient facts you chose to leave out)  it’s patronising, U.N. arse-licking garbage. In other words, typical NZ Herald socialist/U.N. compliant propaganda.

I guess the opportunity to insult the grown-ups across the Tasman was too tempting to pass up. It must be tough being a minnow in a chamber pot, eh? It’s no surprise there are no comments allowed under your little bit of self-indulgent wankery.

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21 Responses to Toby Manhire, you make me vomit.

  1. KG says:

    ‘Jacinda Ardern reconfirms offer to take 150 refugees from Australian detention centres
    “New Zealand will also maintain its right to use its robust screening processes for the Refugee Quota programme, regardless of the origin of the refugees.
    “This will safeguard against any security concerns.”
    Well, that didn’t take long, did it? The little socialist girl can’t wait to fling taxpayer money at lawbreaking invaders.
    “Robust screening processes”? Hahahaha! That must be why a Chinese ex-spy who didn’t declare that fact on his citizenship application is now a New Zealand MP!
    There’s much more to the Manus Island “refugees” than the NZ public is being told, and for most of them there is no “screening process” available, since they destroyed their docunmentation as soon as an Australian Navy ship hove into sight. Plenty of them had designer clothes and cellphones though….

  2. KG says:

    Is anybody else getting an ‘Error 502- Bad Gateway’ error message?

  3. Jamie says:

    Take it the bloke plans on putting them all up at the Mahire Resort?

    As it is we should be upping our intake of South African refugees – Good People.

    Word is it’s bad and worse over there.

    Mr Peters representation please.

  4. KG says:

    Aussies are losing their country and their culture:
    ‘Australia’s surging population is set to hit 25 million next year, a staggering 34 years earlier than predicted by experts thanks to a massive influx of migrants.
    NAB graph shows Australia’s population growth rate is double world average
    It’s growing by 1.6 per cent a year compared with 0.6 per cent for rich nations..’

    NO government has a mandate for this treason.

    • Diamond Mair says:

      Your overlords are merely “electing a new people”.
      WHERE is Enoch Powell when “we” (English-speaking, Western European) need him?
      Semper Fi’

  5. Diamond Mair says:

    Seems to me, Aussies have the correct idea, keeping the “asylum seekers” quarantined, NOT permitting them to disperse among the general populace of Oz. Would that WE did such in the U.S.
    And Toby-kins should really get a grip – exchanging a “d” for a “t” is NOT an insult – it bestows the rather lovely Spanish version of “Hyacinth” as the new PM’s name.
    Semper Fi’

    • KG says:

      Good to see you, DM.

      • Diamond Mair says:

        Hey, SweetHeart, how are you & the lovely Gecko doing? Y’know, my first trip outside the U. S. (WHEN I hit the lottery ) I’m thinking should be DownUnder, before the Kiwis have their way & you’re all inundated with “refugees”. Much as I fell in love with Europe in 2002-2004, don’t know that I’d want to return now & ruin my memories.

        Semper Fi’

        • KG says:

          We’re ok, thanks DM. A bit older and slower and carrying some “crash damage”, but otherwise good.
          It would be great to see you down here.

  6. Well guys, the Australian Prime Minister is saying no to Jacinda, he’s saying no you won’t take our regugees. Just type in ‘jacinda ardern’ and there it is.