It begins-

Sessions considering special counsel to investigate Clintons-

It’s about damn time.

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10 Responses to It begins-

  1. Ronbo says:

    We will see. Sessions is a fucking traitor because he’s letting a shitload Leftist pigs from the Obama Regime remain at freedom…I’ll tell you what – ordinary citizens who did one-tenth of what the Clintons, Obamas, Holder, Comey, Lynch, Mueller, Rosenstein and so forth have done – countless felonies – criminals literally dozens in number – they would all be in the orange jumpsuit suits with “Federal Prisoner” on the back in big black letters doing serious hard time in federal prison.

    Personally, if I were President Trump – I would have fired Sessions before he’d even been confirmed by the Senate when he stabbed the president in the back during the Senate hearings when he “Recused” himself from anything relating to the Russians allegedly steal the election of 2016 – which would have been impossible for them, or even the Democrat Party to do – due to the decentralized nature of the American presidential election system where each of the 50 states runs its own election independent of the rest of the country.

    A message to Attorney General Sessions: “Bitch, get the hell out of Washington, D.C. because if you don’t – We The People are going to put an investigation on you in order to discover why you will not prosecute the enemies of people!

    This is a felony – this is serious prison time, you sorry little BITCH!

    • Pascal says:

      This all smells of a deal gone bad Ronbo. IIRC, Senator Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Trump. Trump lives and dies on The Deal. Could be literal. This remains the problem with the GOP all my life — the deal it has with its Prog members, AKA GOPe.

      • Ronbo says:

        Pascal, I’m thinking maybe the The Little Bitch as done something the Dems discovered and are holding it over his head – just as long as he sabotages anything Trump wants done – Like put the Dread Hildabeast in chains.

        Personally, I think the guy is a faggot. He’s little – like five foot tall – the kind of guy who was never picked to play baseball o the neighborhood team. The type of guy who couldn’t even get a date from a female cousin on Prom Night. A loser! I mean he just looks like a real creep – a beta male at best who sucked cock to get as high as he got – and has done lots of disgusting things on his knees in Men’s Rooms he wouldn’t want the public to know about doing. I think he was selected for this role of AG either by the Republican Establishment or the Dems.who knew the real deal with Jeffie.

        He has to go. Jeff Sessions is a clear and present danger to the Republic….He is a traitor….A proven backstabber….A little worthless bitch and oxygen waster.

    • Pascal says:

      Prog Slogan:
      No Enemies to the Left

      Distinction between a Dem Prog and a GOP Prog:
      GOPe treat all to their right as deplorable while lacking the guts of Hillary Clinton to say it.

      GOPe treat all to their right as deplorable while lacking the guts of Hillary Clinton to say it.

      • Ronbo says:

        Right! In reality there are, indeed, three major political parties.

        The most wealthy and connected is the Oligarchy of Leftist Democrats and Republicans. The Globalists. The scum of the earth.The reactionaries.

        The second major party are the patriots/nationalists/republicans – the Tea Party. The party of the Second American Revolution. The party of Trump – MAGA people.

        The third major party are the Communists – the hard Left – The modern day Bolshevik revolutionaries like ANTIFA – the Bernie Sanders people – who, believe it or not – hate the eDemocrats – the Democrat Establishment – who stole the primary from their hero Bernie Sanders – with the same passion we hate the eRepublicans – The GOP Establishment.

        So what you have happening in this country is the American Revolution running head on in the Russian Revolution – and this fact is not understood by the Progressive Establishment of Reps and Dems – who think wrongly they are still in the drivers’ seat and can control events – and they cannot – The Establishment is as impotent as King Canute on his beach throne ordering the tide not to come in and not to drown him.

        • Pascal says:

          This is why I never trust talk radio hosts and big bloggers.
          Ace claims our only interest must be in holding the AL senate seat. Damned SKUNC.

          Whereas Sessions was always part of the swamp, and he helped keep the Senate under control of the GOPe,which is Dem lite, and McConnell’s Strange pick couldn’t win dogcatcher, the entire establishment was aghast that their sneaking Sessions into the Trump administration wouldn’t hurt their special arrangement is in danger of not working out.

          So now after that fail, and its monumental fail in trying its untmost short of murder to keep Moore out, they’re pressuring all sketchy Righties to go along with them.

          Ace, you Puke, I can read you like a book. Let me remind you Ace of your masthead quote by Mencken
          “Every normal man must be tempted at times to heist the blag flag and begin slitting throats.”

  2. MikeH. says:

    I watched the hearing for about two minutes. Listening to CONyers (D MichiCAN’T) yammer on about Trump trying to use the DOJ to persecute poor Saint Hillary, over allegations examined and found to be false (!!!), my gag reflex went into hyper-drive. It amazes me how the old barf-sack could talk that shit and keep a straight face. But then, I wasn’t surprised in the least that he read every word, verbatim, from a page in his hands and without looking up once.

  3. Alan says:

    Sessions is part of the so called swamp, he will not appoint any kind of counsel to investigate anything. He is a 5th columnist if there ever was one, and is as impotent as a limp penis. He reminds me of the character the late Jerry Lewis played in the movie ‘Cinderfella’.

    • Pascal says:

      Hey, remember GOPe Senator Richard Lugar’s committee investigating the FBI involvement in the Branch Davidian inferno? Despite the FLEER evidence that the Army tanks set the Branch Dividian compound aflame, he gave Janet Sterno a clean bill of health.

      Well, the pattern has been established — pun intended — that any appointment by him to look into Clinton/Obama evil doing will assuredly come up with a clean bill of health for all their swamp creatures.

      • Ronbo says:


        Like the man said the time has come to raise the black flag and start cutting throats – that’s the only way we rid ourselves of the D.C. Oligarchy (“The Swamp”)…Seriously! No ruling class in history went quietly into the night…too much money and power is involved here – likely at historical high levels.

        So like a Wagnerian opera – the only to get control of the pot of gold is to kill the dragon standing guard over it.

        “Paging Siegfried the dragon slayer.”