Mugabe on the way out?

Possible coup-

I’m assuming his replacement won’t be any better,but it would be nice at least for that POS to end up on a slab.

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13 Responses to Mugabe on the way out?

  1. Ronbo says:

    JEEZ! About damn time! One of the wealthiest countries in Africa reduced to one of the poorest country in the world! Gee, black Africans – that was real fucking smart to get rid of the white “racists” who created the land of milk and honey, heh? And you took this shit for….how many years? Oh, yeah the dude dictator was black – not like that old liberty loving white PM Smith, heh?

    Racism kills.

    • mawm says:

      Heh! I’m not sure that Rhodesia was ever one of the richest but it certainly got by and there was a functioning economy, a functioning healthcare system, low levels (for Africa) of mortality in children under 5, etc., high levels of adult literacy, and good race relations. What it has now is African Marxism which has been repeated throughout Africa as the West has retreated and installed an “elected” thug because, you know, “racism”. All very sad and now it is also happening south of the Limpopo but just more slowly as the RSA has a far larger economy and many more whites have a lot invested in keeping it going. Their adult children however are leaving whenever they get the opportunity.

  2. mort says:

    my guess would be he has HIV induced dementia, and is about ready to smoke the big one. The military actions are to shore up their own positions.

    • Ronbo says:

      How did the coup work out in Zim because all I saw on video was four armored personnel carriers with troops?…pathetic when your military can’t do a decent putsch and install a new regime….If I were one those billionaires who want to do good I’d form a private army of the best mercs in the world, which I’d name “The African Liberation Army” and start knocking off these tin horn commie dictators and stalling governments with their acts together…This includes South Africa – that loathsome Communist regime simply must go!

      • Ronbo says:

        In answer to my own question:

        The military is taking over in what they call a “Non-Coup”…Jeez, in Africa to be El Supremo you only need four APCs and a couple of hundred soldiers.

        Yessir! A putsch at bargain basement prices!

        The newspaper also has pictures of the new dictator in a beautiful uniform that looks better than the one wore by the Chain of the JCS in this country…Yep! Another stupid fat ass nigger El Supremo who couldn’t last out boot camp in the U.S. Army has his very own country to sell to the Chinese.

        Speaking of our CHICOM friends (ha-ha) – they do seem to be awfully active in Africa…I guess they bought the empire contract from the old European colonial powers and Russia.

        Can you say, “Chinese Empire?” Stay tuned.

  3. KG says:

    “Jeez, in Africa to be El Supremo you only need four APCs and a couple of hundred soldiers.”
    In the West all you need is a lying Marxist media and a hairdo that will appeal to women voters.

    • Darin says:

      Sad,but true

      • Ronbo says:

        Yeah sure at the last stage, but America has proven to be a tough roadblock for Global Marxism to remove – and in over 100 years of back breaking toil and billions of dollars – and the deal still isn’t done.

        This – in contrast to a black African country – where a fat nigger in a general’s uniform with 200 lackeys in four barely operational APCs can overthrow the pathetic excuse of a government in a few hours.

  4. mawm says:

    I’m surprised to see this in a British newspaper.

    In detailing Mnangawa’s role in the Gukurahundi, where Korean-trained 5th columnists killed their Ndebele opposition, essentially they are exposing the role the British government had in ignoring the vile nature of the people they had put in power in their rush to get rid of Smith and how they held African accountability to a different standard than whites.

    Mnangagwa will be no different to Mugabe, or the vile Grace (such an oxymoron), as he cannot afford to change because he is hated by so many. I can predict another round of massacring his opposition in the very near future, if it has not already started.

    • Ronbo says:


      Africa is a basket case.

      But at least they got rid of all those evil old racist white colonialists like Ian Smith who built the cities, the railroads, the highways, the airports…..and threw democracy – the rule of the people – the product of 2,500 years of Western political experiments – into the deal free of charge – and the black Africans blew it all down their legs – some countries within weeks of independence from bad old Britain.

      You know when the do-gooders come to my door asking for a contribution to Africa Relief they can go pound sand…The black Africans made their beds, so let them sleep their forever as slaves of their African chiefs, Arab traders or their new Chinese overlords.

      • Darin says:

        Sadly a majority of Blacks world wide have no concept of the future.All they can see is today and yesterday,they don’t believe the future exists,so they never plan for it.So we have Zimbabwe,Detroit etc.

        • KG says:

          And sadly because there are so many decent, law-abiding blacks in Southern Africa who simply want to work and get on with looking after their families.
          Just as there are in America.