Tucker Carlson: FBI is out of control

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10 Responses to Tucker Carlson: FBI is out of control

  1. Darin says:


    “The FBI declined to comment on whether the agency believed beforehand that Simpson and Soofi would launch an attack and on Kareem’s claim that the agent’s presence wasn’t revealed to avoid embarrassment. The Garland Police Department also declined to comment.

    The agent had been sitting in a vehicle outside the Garland convention center just as events wrapped up at the cartoon contest.

    A dark sedan in front of the agent made an abrupt stop. As the agent drove around the car, two men with an Islamic State flag, wearing body armor and carrying military-style rifles, got out and opened fire.

    The agent drove away and was later stopped by police. The two men were killed in a shootout with law enforcement assigned to guard the controversial event, and the security guard was shot in the leg.”

    This sort of behavior is nothing new,it has been going on for decades and Comey and Holder are central characters in multiple cover ups and dirty tricks.

  2. KG says:

    Just one of the various paths to a coup, albeit a very important one. If this doesn’t justify an armed uprising, then what would?
    Congress has become almost powerless in the face of massive corruption, is itself corrupt. I can see no hope for the Republic unless some very high profile figures – including Obama are brought before the courts, tried and jailed. Their crimes are in plain sight and they know they’re untouchable.
    If now isn’t the time for patriotic Americans to step up and take what’s left of the law into their own hands then it will never be the right time.

  3. Pascal says:

    No doubt about it, this is big. Carlson and DiGenova may disappear if they don’t issue retractions — or even if they do.

    Isn’t that the pattern in banana republics?

  4. Ronbo says:

    Tucker Carlson like “DUH!”!

    ….with all due respect sir to your outstanding journalism on Fox News, have you been living under a rock most of your adult life?

    The FBI, SS and the rest of federal enforcement jumped off the rails decades ago. For instance, In 1994 I was sent to prison for four years for the same reason General Flynn had to plea guilty – the SS lied about what I said in an “Off the record field interview” during which my Miranda Rights were never read – and they didn’t tape the conversation, as is SOP for police investigations.

    Ditto what happened to General Flynn.

    This is the rule for federal prosecutors – if your case depends on a confession have your agents do a field interview – and then lie about what the person under investigation said.

    The federal prisons are full of people who believed the agents and prosecutors were honorable men and would not allow to tell lies in court.

    Well they do.

    Federal Law enforcement is the new KGB – the new Gestapo – “Show us the man and we’ll show you the crime.”

    • Darin says:

      Yep,it all really went down hill in 1992 with the rise to power of Reno and Holder,those two are snakes with Holder being the worst of the worst.