Laugh Your Butts Off At Equanimity Under Pressure

I found this such a treat I had to share it here.

Time and again the interviewer tries to put words in his mouth and set other traps. And each time he laughs and sets the record straight. He simply won’t be trapped. Not that day.

This was done so well, it is hard to imagine it how it could be staged. Still, could be.

And they didn’t even give him good makeup. He looks a bit like death warmed over. Yeah, the grim reaper to this scalp-hunting but silly woman.

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29 Responses to Laugh Your Butts Off At Equanimity Under Pressure

  1. Darin says:

    She almost was red pilled,not quite,but almost,she just couldn’t make that next step in to the freedom rational thought brings with it.

    And Peterson,as usual,is spot on!

  2. mawm says:

    Dumb broad! She deserves to be paid less.

    I’ve been listening to a few of his podcasts. Very heavy going at times because he introduces so much information over a short period, but he is obviously very intelligent and well informed.

  3. KG says:

    The interviewer represents – very well, let it be said – exactly the kind of ignorant, arrogant cow that is part of the problem and a dumb enabler in the War Against Men.
    She’s heavily intellectually outgunned in this skirmish and will have to return to the nearest Wimmin’s Studies lesbian “professor” to regroup and re-arm. :mrgreen:

    • Darin says:

      I think early on she was triggered by the realtization her husband is a skirt wearing poodle walker and not a real man

      • Pascal says:

        I think your notion Darin is supported by the way her eyes open wide when he spoke of women dominating weak men. (‘hey, that’s me!’) LOL

        I’d like to think that a short time later his follow on observation sunk it: women who do this gain a short term boost at the cost of long term gain. She made a shambles of her bed and now she has to lie in it — or find a new one. (‘Oh noes!’)

  4. KG says:

    Update: I have NEVER seen an interviewee I admired more. Not ever.

    • Darin says:

      Peterson is a beast! And not to be messed with by light weights,the best part is he now has hundreds of thousands,if not millions of followers most of whom are young adults.

      • Pascal says:

        I hope he’s careful. Such as supplying his own water at interviews and speeches. Remember Breitbart? Remember the LA County coroner investigating Breitbart’s body? The Left Sinister can’t abide people, especially men, who provide succor and, worse, backbone to their intended subjects. By any means necessary.

        • Robetv says:

          Yep, people who ‘think’ like Mao will eliminate all threats which could be a problem for them being in absolute power.
          That’s why countries like that change into a shit hole.

          That’s why the West is changing into a shit hole.

          So yes, this man is a danger for the Big Brother society they want to install.

    • Pascal says:

      I was hoping you’d react that way KG. I’ve now watched it 3 times. Each time I get a boost of good feeling. I hate to put a marker on him by saying he’s priceless, but at this time in history, his message sure is.

      So far I’ve watched the first twelve in his Biblical Series, 2.5 hours each, about the psychological wisdom documented in scripture. Also a whole slew of shorter ones.

      I’ve posted on my blog two essays on just one portion of number 2 in the biblical series Jordan Peterson on Root of Evil and Jordan Peterson ‘Hatred For Being Itself’.

      I was driven to compose those simply because he struck a chord in my very soul when he said “The root for malevolence is the desire for revenge against God for creation itself.”

      Maybe there will be more who find they have a backbone thanks to his work, and that will protect him in the long run.

      The natural order of things can not stand to be mocked for long, and he’s a fantastic deliverer of that very message.

      • KG says:

        Still haven’t got the mail you mentioned, Pascal. GMX has been a bit glitchy lately though.

        • Pascal says:

          Not a problem KG. You’ll get it eventually, but its purpose has now passed.

          You see you were so POed by that mad cow earlier that I wanted to cheer you up with an emailed preview of the draft of this post before it was released. Sure looks like my hunch was right.

  5. Pascal says:

    LMAO Update:

    If I was Channel 4 I would take it down. If I was Cathy Newman I would sue or seek a super-injunction. I don’t think I have ever witnessed an interview that is more catastrophic for the interviewer.

    • KG says:

      From your link:
      ‘…Newman, who approaches the interview with the trademark sourness she employs for everyone she expects to disagree with, treats this is just another chance to burnish her own social justice credentials and expose her guest as a bigot. Big mistake.’
      YouTube commenter: “Like playing chess with a chicken.” :mrgreen:

  6. Brown says:

    The woman is interesting. Every time facts begin to intrude on her conciousness she interrupts and asks another question to avoid having to deal with the reality she just tripped over.

    • Darin says:

      Typical tactic,it’s called “the drown out” they either refuse to answer and instead ask another question,or they simply throw enough ad homein attacks out in an attempt to drag their opponent down into the gutter with them.

      Neither tactic works with Peterson,he’s literally written volumes on human behavior and can spot that stuff a mile away.

    • Robetv says:

      Those are my same feelings. She knows she’s wrong but she can’t admit it.

      Like a spider caught by her own web

  7. mara says:

    He demolished her point by point by point. I could see it coming but she couldn’t. He likely went back to base and said “give me a better forum next time” and she probably said to her leftie Chardonnay girlfriends and beta male hangers -on “what an ignorant prick.” Sigh.

  8. Pascal says:

    Laughter reminiscences provided by Courtney Kirchoff

    So you probably noticed, as I did, this feminist host feministsplains and projects all her talking points onto Peterson multiple times. Plus, she womanterupts him more frequently than the many curls in her hair failed to bounce. Ah, the miracles of product. Don’t make her interruptions a drinking game. Your liver might identify as a keg, but reality says otherwise.

    Peterson’s points are solid.
    If women want to do well in business, they have to be fierce.
    If women are going to compete with men for jobs, better play hard.
    If your goal, as a lady, is to go get your success, then girl, go find your backbone and fight hard.
    Don’t be meek, don’t be passive. Be assertive, know your worth, prove your worth, then go get it.
    Whining, moaning, bitching about unfairness do not count toward proving your worth. No one cares if you’re a beached manatee.

    The patriarchy is just a scapegoat for weak women. An excuse they use to explain their personal failings.

    If you’re going to fight Peterson, bring your A-game.

  9. Robetv says:

    I didn’t know Jordan Peterson so many thanks for posting this interview.