Seriously, this  drivel is making huge headlines in NZ.
‘….What’s happening is that Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, is on her way to becoming the second world leader in recent history – behind Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto – to give birth while in office. She is pregnant, and this is an amazing day for men and women everywhere.’

Not for this man it ain’t.  More like ‘yaaaawn..socialist spawns. So what?’

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28 Responses to WTF?

  1. Lara says:

    It just means that Winston finally gets his must yearned after role as PM, and it’s now also obvious why he chose Labour (even though they polled second highest). Actually, I believe that Ardern was dishonest (why am I not surprised?) with the electorate. She had this news back in October, while the negs were taking place, and kept quiet. Funny that…poor National never had a chance, as Ardern gave Peters everything and anything he wanted, including the coveted PM role, even though he only had seven percent of the vote. So, NZ will get an unmandated PM calling the shots just because Labour were desperate for power…could they be any more corrupt? One term govt, for sure, once Peters becomes PM and Ardern bows out…Here’s hoping…(I can’t imagine her handling both the top job and motherhood…way too hard, I would have thought, for anyone)! Ardern is quite refreshing, in contrast with the ‘I never wanted children’ Clark.

    • KG says:

      “could they be any more corrupt?”
      We know the answer to that question Lara – I just hope enough Kiwis feel the same way. The girly/mommy constituency of course can be bought off with this drivel but I have faith that the majority of Kiwis can see through it.
      Call me an optimist.

  2. Lara says:

    I tend to agree with those sentiments, KG.
    The whole sorry election saga is now complete, and all the pieces have fallen into place.
    Yes, I believe the Coalition of Losers will be punished by the electorate at the next election, for both their grab at unmandated power and their installing of the loathsome and loathed Peters as PM, for any length of time.
    I hope this is the start of the end of the dreadful MMP system…but on that I would not hold my breath, it just gives too much power to the pollies and that damn well know it! We have the most useless yet corrupt govt in our history, yes Ardern go off and have babies, pulease!!!

  3. Maybe your not aware of it, but Jacinda was asked about motherhood, and she replied you don’t have a right to ask that. Do you remember that? And all along she knew she would be having a child. If only she had answered the question. What’s more someone else should have led Labour like Andrew Little, hee hee. Obviously Jacinda did it to make Labour popular.

    Maybe Jacinda’s partner will help raise the child. After this three years, Labour just might lose its popularity, do you think?

    Today should be called, ‘funny election day’. This will be a day I never forget. Will you forget it?

  4. KG, just curious are you referring to my last question: ‘Will you forget it’?

  5. Brown says:

    I heard this announced on the radio and promptly turned it off. Wifey called me later to acknowledge I was right when I said some time back that I thought Ardern was pregnant. I couldn’t recall being that specific actually but I’ll take the acknowledgement. I think that the job of PM does not allow for pregnancy but that’s just me valuing motherhood and seeing the PM role as 24/7 job I guess. Arden can tick another milestone off the self fulfillment list – what’s left now? UN job perhaps? Marriage? Woman’s Day?

  6. Lara says:

    Warren, Labour was not popular in the first place. On election night, they fell well short of a majority and National outpolled them by miles. It’s of course only by a daft quirk of a daft system that Ardern can call herself PM, aided by one self-serving, calculating Winston Peters. The state of politics these days disgusts me also. They have no shame!

  7. Yes Lara, I understand what your saying, National had more than Labour by a country mile. At the same time with the nature of MMP, they were able to negotiate with two other parties. What I’m saying Lara, is if Andrew Little had stayed their leader, they would have had very little votes, so even with the others, they would have had no chance at all, unless United Future and Maori won a few seats and joined with them on top of the other 2 parties.

  8. Alan says:

    You get the Government that you deserve. National did not have coalition partner, nor did they attempt to cultivate one. No plan B. It could be that the conservative party shoud do better. They have a drab name, raising comparison to the dull U.K. party of that name. Their previous record of histronics with their founding leader, no chance. Act have been in the basement for a long time. The outlook is bleak for a suitable coalition partner, but it is needed.

  9. Lara says:

    Still, Labour will find themselves without enough partners as well, next time, with NZ First going under the 5 percent threshold already, and possibly the Greens. What happens if their is a hung Parliament at the next election, and no small parties to cobble coalitions together with? New election? National’s only chance is to get to their 61 seat majority alone. It’s not been done under MMP before, but then neither has the messy govt we have at the moment. Anything is possible…

  10. Lara says:

    The Conservative Party is loooking to change their name, but the point is, due to Colin Craig, their reputation is in tatters. I would be very surprised if they ever got back to decent polling figures.

    • KG says:

      I think they’ve tarnished the “conservative” label permanently, Lara. What a waste.

      • Yes KG, I think your right. It is jolly hard to get 5%, NZ First is the 4th most popular party, and sometimes only barely gets above the 5%. So to get that is really, really tough work.

        With Colin Craig, there’s almost no chance, it has been ripped to shreds, and it is a disappointment and a waste.

  11. Cadwallader says:

    The dribbly assault on our sanity by the media over this silly tart’s pregnancy will persist all year but I suspect it is the start of the COL’s rightful disintegration. I don’t know if anyone here recalls the brilliant “Day Of The Triffids?” This was an early sci-fi (circa 1950) in which a character says “How Did This Happen?” after a comet storm which brought the seeds of the triffids to earth. This is where I am presently positioned.Why is this country where it is? The mechanisms of the electoral system cannot be entirely to blame hence I believe it is due to the non-thinking drooling classes replete with their envies and resentments born of their own inadequacies. I have decided that I am now the recipient of news from only a few e-pages…this one included. I am finished with mediocrity and non-thinking.

    • KG says:

      Cad! Good to see you, I hope you had a great Christmas.
      “..hence I believe it is due to the non-thinking drooling classes replete with their envies and resentments born of their own inadequacies.”
      So right you are.

  12. Michael in Nelson says:

    I’ll bet that St Jacinda takes the opportunity at her first press conference after she returns to work following the birth to breast feed the kid on camera. What feminist could pass up such a moment to establish her bona fides.

  13. Lara says:

    The princess needs to be careful, overkill will breed contempt, just as it did with Hulun, who was at least elected by the people and not Winston. I reckon she will bow out soon anyway, citing family reasons, she is just a giggly girly PM, but for all that, I don’t think she wants it or likes it. Here’s hoping, she surely is swimming way out of her depth and it showed even in the debates. Slogans, bumper stickers and absolutely no depth!