Here’s How Peterson Did It

You know how well everyone here appreciated seeing Peterson respond to Newman.

Well here is a wonderful analysis of how it was done, and how you might be able to do it yourself under pressure.

God, where could I have found anything close to this 50 years ago?

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24 Responses to Here’s How Peterson Did It

  1. Pascal says:

    Dr. Peterson frequently speaks of archetypes and relies upon them to make his point.

    In this video, the speech therapist makes an archetype of Peterson. And I’m pretty sure what that implies would cause Peterson to blush.

  2. KG says:

    I downloaded it. A man can never have too many weapons.
    There’s still a case for stocks and rotten vegetables, but one could possibly run into a leftard worth saving one day.

    ‘Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman, Part 3: Revenge of the SJW Spin Doctors’

    It’s Delingpole, so you know it’s good.

  3. Fred says:

    I disagree with the presenters idea that Peterson should have ‘tried to find more common ground’ with the questioner. Peterson knows that the enemy is real and that the desired end is 70 million dead, concentration camps, and a state monopoly on power. One of Peterson’s top recommended books is the Gulag Archipelago. He knows their mind.

    The right ALWAYS makes this mistake. The left are NOT like you. They don’t simply want to have their world view and to be left alone. Her controllers and bosses want Peterson, and you, dead. You can’t change their mind because it’s not about right and wrong…are you ready…it’s about power and money. Your life is inconsequential. Period.

    The left wants you dead. Write in down, read it daily.

    • Pascal says:

      I’ve been saying that for decades Fred. And I think the presenter was telling us HOW to find common ground. He said it appeared that Peterson’s purpose was to look knowledgeable, in command, and to sell books, not to change Newman’s mind. As KG says, you never know when you might be in a position and inclined to try and save a leftard one day.

      OTOH, Fred, Peterson frequently reminds us that lifeguards are trained how not to be pulled under by someone on the verge of drowning. As he puts it, the victim may believe he’s lost anyway and in his last breaths his primitive brain may turn resentful and demand company. That’s a fact.

      BTW, a liberal and/or a leftard are not generally committed radicals. As a general rule I try to thin those ranks so the radicals have less cover and resources. But I also know lost causes and write those off.

      I won’t bother with GOPe types because I see them as worse than radicals for the reasons stated by Cicero roughly 2100 years ago. There are radicals who don’t know how deadly their game is — as Solzhenitsyn told us. I do not for a moment think that any GOPe type is that un-clued.

      So I’d add to your final line Fred.
      The GOPe and their nurtured legions of Left-radicals want you dead. Write in down, read it daily.

      • Fred says:

        Excellent points. Well, there is a way to tell. In my mind it comes down to the sin of envy. Can the leftist or GOPer be brought to realize, outside of this primitive mind, that the pie is not fixed, that it is a sin to want somebody else’s (power or money)? It is critical Christian instruction by the way to teach believers and children to think; “I don’t want yours, I want my own.” And to teach the difference between authority and power. One is given, the other taken, stolen really, a sin.

        • KG says:

          “..And to teach the difference between authority and power. ”
          Damn right. There’s far, far too few people who understand the distinction.

        • Pascal says:

          Excellent “..And to teach the difference between authority and power. ” Add the wish to be loved and not getting it, and I think that completes the diagnoses of what ails the high and mighty.

          Dr. Peterson often speaks of being as Being. In my opinion, it’s his way of bridging the gap between the theists and the more decent atheists. Any way to reach the most people to achieve the most happiness is a good thing.

          Think of that and then I think you’ll enjoy this all the more. The Most Dangerous Envy of All.

          Do a search on covet with the widget at that site and you’ll see how Dr. Peterson reinforces it.

          • Fred says:

            “Add the wish to be loved and not getting it…”


            • These were all great comments.

            • Pascal says:

              Fixed the missing link. In many of Peterson’s videos he zeros in on resentment being at the core of lethal animus. A hatred for Being itself. Uses a quote by Nietzsche where he predicted the deadly 20th century.

              I’ve called the 20th Century the “Progressive” Pilot Program. That it was small scale compared to what they’re really shooting for.

              • Fred says:

                Thanks for the link. I actually couldn’t find it with a simple web search before.

                Excellent. Accurate, succinct, and very damaging to the credibility of the godless power structure and it’s purveyors.

                • Pascal says:

                  Thank you Fred. I wrote that just over 8 years ago. It seems weird that more people haven’t caught onto this line of thought of the danger of envy. What you wrote earlier suggested to me that you are one of the few who had. The lethal consequences of the 20th Century should be enough, shouldn’t it?

                  I suspect it is a thought that remains obscure because so few well-known thinkers think this way — or maybe it’s more that they lack the daring to express it. Jordan Peterson, with his focus on resentment in high places, is the first to my knowledge to be expressing it.

    • Robertv says:

      They are only interested in absolute power. But their worst enemies are their allies. Progressives have NO friends.

      Peterson a little bit angry.

  4. Gregoryno6 says: for the video and the previous comments.

  5. andy5759 says:

    The original utub video which you put up here has gone viral. Viral in the sense that it has become a talking point among both the alt.right and cntrl.left. Wonderful!
    Male suicide rates are almost fifty percent higher than female, if it were the other way around we would never hear the last of it. That’s a statement which I think I read here.
    There’s a good article in today’s UK Daily Telegraph, that’s how far reaching this new conversation is becoming. About bloody time too.
    Now I’m going to go back, watch this video and read the comments. Just letting off some steam, don’t want to blow me boiler.😤

    • Robertv says:

      Cathy Newman has become immortal thanks to this interview. It is much more than she could ask for. We even saw she has a human part desperate to escape the prison she herself build.
      Once you live in a fascist state it becomes very difficult to not follow orders.

  6. Yokel says:

    If you have a couple of hours try this:
    The first 20 minutes or so have Peterson himself talking about that interview with Cathy Newman. In particular he notes when he changed from interviewee and went into clinical mode. I haven’t had the stamina to get to the end yet; if you think about what he says carefully it needs to be done slowly.

    • Pascal says:

      You know Yokel, I had watched this already. But your link just got me looking at it again. There was loads that I missed the first time through.

      For instance (this is not in order):
      • to be good you don’t have to be a neutered tomcat.
      • You can be a monster, but a civilized one.
      • you’re not moral if you’re harmless.
      • you should be dangerous.The more dangerous the better. And then you should control that.
      (e.g., KG might have said that LOL)

  7. Oh guys there’s this article on it. It gives a nice to the point summary of the situation. So it looks like plenty of people will know all about it:

  8. Jon says:

    Thanks very much for the heads up , never heard of the guy and probably never would have , … things like this are why I regularly visit here , … cheers

  9. KG says:

    Good to see you Jon. Pascal made a real find there. Lord knows we need some Petersons right now.