One article,many facets

Spotted this one on Breitbart-

“Moderate Muslims”-

This article gives us several different lessons and re-affirms conventional wisdom about the state of our world.

First,look at the difference between western feminists and women like Amina Omar.Amina and others like her are fighting for their freedom,freedom from real oppression,and they aren’t fighting a war on Twitter or Facebook.No they are fighting with real bullets and bleeding real blood.

Second,those in the west who think it’s a good idea to allow women into frontline infantry need to take a good look.Look past the Hollywood generated glamor and the feminist rhetoric and see the blood and guts firsthand.This is war,this is real,this is what happens when you play for keeps,when you step into the arena of war.This the arena where simple humanity is reduced to base,animalistic barbarism in all it’s horror.Now ask yourselves,is this what I want for my daughter? Ya,didn’t think so.

Third,the FSA(Free Syrian Army) is exactly what we on the right knew it was all along-Isis under a different banner.And it being backed by the US under Obama was just another front in Obama’s war on the west.This should also demonstrate just what a cluster fuck ever getting involved in a mess is WHEN YO DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE BACKING (I’m talking to you John McCain and Lindsay Graham).

Fourth,Turkey is our enemy and we should treat them as such.Erdogan needs Uncle Sam’s foot up his arse ASAP, see rule .308

Fifth,In my opinion now is the time to carve out and back a new Kurdish state,if for no other reason than to piss off Turkey and Iran.



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