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The war on faith. But not on islam:

Ordained ministers threatened with jail if they refuse to marry same-sex couples. The gutless fascist bastards making these threats never take on muslims, do they?

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Muslim barbarism is no new thing:

‘White slaves It is estimated that up to 1.25 million Europeans were enslaved by the so-called Barbary corsairs, and their lives were just as pitiful as their African counterparts. They have come to be known as the white slaves of … Continue reading

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‘Ebola news articles scrubbed from the internet – I sent out a memo to all of our staff. It said: So over the past few days of our Ebola coverage we’ve had a recurring problem. Mainstream sources keep taking down … Continue reading

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Open house

and beautiful chemistry

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Oh, FFS!

Get these idiot women a long way away from anything to do with education: ‘Racial connotations over black sheep prompts changes to Baa Baa Black Sheep at Victorian kinders THE decision to put Baa, Baa, Black Sheep out to pasture … Continue reading

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‘Trust me I’m a bunny.’

borrowed from here

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47 Years Ago Today:

 The Fastest Manned Aircraft Flight Ever. ..When ignited, its single XLR99 engine burns 7 tons of fuel in just over a minute and generates half a million horsepower, nearly 60,000 pounds of thrust. By comparison a modern day F-16 fighter generates … Continue reading

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‘Read it ten times. You still might not believe it. ‘


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Big news?

It sure looks that way! ‘Lockheed Martin unveils miniature nuclear fusion power generator’

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NZ Herald: spin, bordering on outright lies.

‘Ebola: What’s the risk to air travellers? ….Even if a traveler is already feeling sick, Ebola germs don’t spread through the air the way flu does.’

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