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Leaving in the morning

 We’ll be on the road for a week at least, so posting will be intermittent. (by me, anyway.)

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Israel’s Ambassador to the US tears into CNN

And: ‘The ancient Jew-hatred returns’

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NZ Police, pandering to wannabe-terrorists:

HERE Would white Kiwis receive the same grovelling apology? We know the answer to that.

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A moral inversion

So, who is the villain in this piece? And who the victim?

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Some Sunday humour

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Open house

We’re busy getting ready to move.

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Islam’s useful idiots

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: ‘..So where are the demonstrations against Iran and Qatar? Come to that, where are the marches against Islamist slaughter in Syria and kidnapped schoolgirls in Africa? Or, for that matter, the mass protests against Russia’s annexation of Crimea … Continue reading

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Dismantle the ABC, Tony.

‘..why is the ABC handing over its broadcasting facilities for two hours a day to the state broadcaster of a Muslim Brotherhood sponsor?’   (bold mine) Andrew Bolt

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Stealing taxpayer’s money:

‘A FIRM headed by a former senior Tourism Queensland employee has won a State Government contract worth almost $300,000 to trawl through social media comments for fewer than six months…’

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