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Enriching our culture:

‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ court throws out migrant child sex charge

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Totalitarian New Zealand

Can the Stasi be far behind? ‘We know where you’ve been, police tell 76-year-old who attended euthanasia meeting Wilhelmina Irving is 76, healthy, and law-abiding. She has no immediate plans to die. But because she attended a euthanasia meeting in … Continue reading

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Desolation Row and a Nobel.

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‘America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump

…All the same people in the media and political class today who are condemning Trump don’t give a wit about what he said on that tape. It’s all smoke and mirrors with them. Given the rampant immorality in D.C. and … Continue reading

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So effing what?

‘Kakapo decline caused by European colonisation, study finds The sharp population decline of kakapo is associated with European colonisation of New Zealand, rather than Polynesians, researchers say….’  Link I’ll start to take notice of this kind of “research” when I … Continue reading

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The Catholic church, again

complicit in – and profiting from – cultural genocide: ´Our home is for our elderly, not for Muslims´: Community furious over plans to move Syrian refugees into the empty rooms at an aged care facility How many millions of taxpayers’ … Continue reading

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Leftist homosexual propaganda

dutifully parroted by the NZ Socialist Herald, of course: ‘Children raised by lesbian parents received the highest “quality of parenting”, research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found.’

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New Zealand “justice”:

‘More than $435 million worth of property, cars, cash and other assets has been frozen in New Zealand under a contentious law used to target gangs. The Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 allows police to freeze and take someone’s assets … Continue reading

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The New World Order.

‘Shock UN agreement grants thousands of migrants FREE ACCESS to scores of countries HUNDREDS of thousands of refugees will be granted free access to 50 countries as the global political community agrees to share the burden of the migrant crisis…’ … Continue reading

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More Papal horsecrap

and coded capitulation to barbarians: ‘Pope: Welcoming refugees helps keeps us safe from terrorism’ UPDATE Cranking up the propaganda machine: World leaders warn of rising xenophobia Is it xenophobia when they really do want to kill you, destroy your culture … Continue reading

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