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Incompetent and ill-prepared

but – being female and maori – she must be cast as a hero by the NZ media: ‘Lost in the bush, a mum dug a makeshift shelter and fed her four kids fern shoots to survive.’

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‘Muslims Were The Real Victims Of The Nice Terror Attack, The BBC Explains’ (thanks for the space, Darin)

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Deport the social media idiots as well

Brit Daily Express: ‘Politician calls for Muslims to be deported if they ‘believe in Sharia Law’ …Newt Gingrich, a former Republican Speaker of the House, made the comments in the wake of the mass slaughter of at least 84 people … Continue reading

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The NZ Herald – liars, or simply uninformed?

You decide Of course, the editors at the Herald could always try commenting on articles such as this, but that wouldn’t suit their agenda, would it?  And this morning, hundreds of Kiwis will be parroting Herald bullshit in the mistaken … Continue reading

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“Malcolm Turnbull – you are finished”


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  A massive “up yours” to the ruling elite.

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Delingpole on Brexit:

(My thanks to Darin for the space to post this) ‘…At the beginning, I talked about David Cameron and why he’s prepared to win this referendum at almost any cost. Now here’s the worrying part. This doesn’t just apply to David … Continue reading

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Milo on Orlando:

‘Wake up, faggots. The political Left is part of the problem.’

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Crusader Rabbit’s new owner

Yep, there will be questions asked about the murky media ownership deal, about the offshore accounts and shadowy figures pulling the strings… But our media advisor – who I can only name as Rupert X – assures us that such … Continue reading

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Make the snoops work for it

Protonmail. Hassle-free end-to-end encryption, a simple interface and very fast. In use, the encryption doesn’t intrude at all and it’s quite usable as an every day mail client.  No encryption is 100% secure but that’s no reason to not to … Continue reading

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