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Open house

Busy reading.

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my nomination for Idiot Of The Week:

“Top Gear doesn’t need Jeremy Clarkson. It needs a woman”

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King’s “Justice”

Further to our post The Lawless State: Francis W. Porretto deals with the subject far better: ‘..There is no law. Barack Hussein Obama has demonstrated this. There is no justice. The dismissal of Restis v. United Against Nuclear Iran has … Continue reading

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‘Anti-Islam workplace bias target of summit A Muslim woman quit her job because company meetings and functions always had alcohol, and the employer of a Muslim chef who worked at a bar kitchen could not understand why he could not … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama declares ‘Black Girls Rock!’

Sure they do.

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China’s island-hopping strategy

  Is generous Chinese govt aid a front for colonisation of the South Pacific? Redbaiter has more.

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The lawless State:

‘Imagine that someone has wronged you, and you sue them. Then the Government magically appears in court and asks that your suit be dismissed because, for reasons it won’t tell you, state secrets might be dredged up in the course … Continue reading

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The night stalker….

 You never know what’s happening outside after dark…this fella visited the back porch last night.

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Open house

BBC Presenter: New Climate Doc Unbiased Because it Doesn’t Feature Sceptics

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