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‘Oklahoma revolts against Obama

A Facebook post featuring the many ways in which Oklahoma has fought back against President Barack Obama’s tyrannical rulings went viral, and for good reason….’ The Freedom Fighter’s Journal  has more.

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A beautiful bridge

 Scotland’s Forth Bridge. ”Work started on the bridge in 1882 and took eight years to complete At 2,529m long, it was at the time the world’s longest multi-span cantilever bridge..’

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‘Letter from an Australian to America:

Here’s why I love you, USA …America has also shown uncommon valor against the sword of tyranny. She has frosted the neighborhoods of tyranny and oppression, by freezing the sweat and chilling the bones of men harboring such aspirations. From … Continue reading

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Open house

And the funniest headline of the week:  ‘UK could launch Isil air strikes within months’ Obviously, they’re on red-alert status. Otherwise Cameron would have promised airstrikes by 2017.

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‘The Local Newspaper That Thinks Legitimate Protest is Worse Than Raping Underage Girls Which story do you think is more worthy of attention in a local newspaper: a) three members of a local Muslim gang in court on charges of … Continue reading

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The odour of rodent:

‘Cop’s child assault charges withdrawn’

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Kiwi nanny-state – even worse than you thought.

Close to the endpoint of the collectivist, nannying, sickening “mommy knows best” mindset that’s so prevalent in NZ:  via Breitbart: ‘New Zealand is a country of almost five million inhabitants, some 29 million sheep and, on the evidence, plenty of hurt … Continue reading

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Betrayal and corruption, complicity in murder:

‘US reportedly blocks Arab allies’ attempts to deliver weapons to Kurds fighting ISIS The U.S. has reportedly blocked any attempts by Middle East allies to fly weapons to the Kurds fighting the Islamic State in Iraq. …High level officials from … Continue reading

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We won’t mention the I.Q……….

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‘The gutless, spineless, sell-out, left-wing Republican Party.

…The simple answer is that in the US today we have two revolutionary Leftist parties on the national level: one that wants to advance the Revolution quickly, and the other—led by folks like Jeb Bush—that insidiously pushes more or less … Continue reading

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