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An amazing achievement!

‘The sound of insterstellar space: Nasa’s Voyager 1 probe reveals deep space sounds a lot like bells ringing as it rides massive ‘tsumani wave’. ..Voyager 1 and its twin, Voyager 2, were launched 16 days apart in 1977..’ Link

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Now jail the lawyers

Bastards. ‘Lawyers who wasted millions of public money pursuing false claims that British troops murdered and tortured Iraqi detainees should now face disciplinary action, senior Government figures have suggested. Ministers condemned the “shameful” conduct of solicitors who brought the claims, … Continue reading

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 ‘In their ninth weekly ‘evening stroll’, German anti-Islamification group PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West) have attracted a remarkable 15,000 supporters as mothers, children, and pensioners joined together under “for the future of our children” banners and marched … Continue reading

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Uh oh……

‘Russia risks Soviet-style collapse as rouble defence fails ‘What is happening is a nightmare that we could not even have imagined a year ago,’ says Russia’s central bank..’ Let’s hope the Boy King gets some expert advice before ramping up … Continue reading

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WTF! #2:

Australian PM: ISIS ‘Has Nothing to Do With Any Religion’ “The point I keep making is that the ISIL death cult has nothing to do with any religion, any real religion. It has nothing to do with any particular community. … Continue reading

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‘Couple fined $40,000 for not wearing helmets while riding their quad bikes.’ I don’t care if it’s “the law” – it’s excessive and it’s tyrannical, especially since nobody was harmed. Bloody hell, people in this country get lesser penalties for … Continue reading

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EMP: Not if, but when.

‘..This whole matter is also deeply troubling for what it says about the competence and integrity of the American political class. As a matter of risk analysis, this is a straight-forward issue. It has been a no-brainer for more than … Continue reading

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Gotta love the Irish…

Irish tourist in NZ Update: ‘Police have unreservedly apologised to the Irish after incorrectly identifying the nationality of a dangerous driver who strapped a kayak crossways to his car. ….in a statement today, police admitted the officer who stopped the … Continue reading

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Open house.

Whatever you like. Bring yer own beer, though, I’m almost out of it.

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That mythical “backlash”

‘Tensions surface as Australian Muslims fear Sydney siege backlash’ The truth, of course, is that there has been almost zero backlash despite the mass murder of Westerners in their own cities by these animals. And that lack of backlash doesn’t … Continue reading

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