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Austria. Sharia “law”.

‘After being beaten and mugged by migrants, a student alleges the Austrian police blamed her “blonde hair and sexy clothing” for the brutal attack. Police officers reportedly told the woman that to avoid such attacks, which they warned are now a … Continue reading

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Stuff News NZ is a bloody disgrace

for publishing inaccurate “progressive” attacks such as this and passing it off as an opinion piece. No mention in it – of course – about fascists and Mexican activists attempting to shut down free speeech…. Odd, isn’t it, how their … Continue reading

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Open house

Whatever you find interesting, amusing or infuriating.

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Excuse me while I puke

‘John Key responds to kids’ climate change video’ Because brats really understand the science, right? And they’re not merely parroting their leftard teachers’ propaganda….right?

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‘Here’s Why The Left Is So Desperate To Defend The New Feminist Ghostbusters Man, am I tired of being right! Sure as night follows day, the trailer for the new, feminist-friendly, chick-laden Ghostbusters is tanking on YouTube. With nearly 750,000 dislikes, it … Continue reading

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‘Hoisting the black flag.’

Colonel B. Bunny

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For once, I’m speechless!

What. The. Hell?

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“Why I Will Vote for Trump”

“My reasons are probably very similar to that of millions of other Americans. I will explain what I think is going on that leads so many of us to vote for Trump–let me know if I have it all wrong. … Continue reading

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Gawd ‘elp us:

‘Women Will Determine the Winner of the 2016 Presidential Election’

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Are Electric Cars Really Green?

When you see somebody driving a Prius or Nissan Leaf, you’re looking at a virtue-signalling idiot. Update Speaking of idiots (or corruption), we now have this: ‘The future’s electric The Government wants to have 64,000 electric vehicles on New Zealand’s … Continue reading

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