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Brass covers ass. Again.

‘Marine’s lawyers seek new judge in war crime case CAMP PENDLETON, California (AP) Attorneys for a Marine being retried on a murder charge in a major Iraq war crime case have asked a judge to remove himself, saying he’s incapable … Continue reading

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pffft..never mind Ebola,

what about THE CUPCAKE MENACE? We are so fortunate, having people so aware and concerned looking out for our wellbeing.

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“Justice” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Betraying the Republic for her own short-term ignorant porcine pleasure.

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Open house

0400 and there’s a gale blowing, I feel distinctly worse than yesterday. This will be a long day…….

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Protesters storm Burkina Faso parliament

‘The United States expressed concern about the unrest, in a statement issued by the White House press secretary’s office. “We believe democratic institutions are strengthened when established rules are adhered to with consistency,” it said. “…President Obama fully intends to … Continue reading

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Well, that should buy a few more dead Jews….you idiot.

‘Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai said she is giving her entire winnings from a children’s rights award to help rebuild schools in war-ravaged Gaza…’     Link To re-build schools….which, of course, were targeted because hamasthugs have a fondness for using … Continue reading

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Very sad news for those of us who look forward to The Woodpile Report every week. A fine writer, a gentleman and a unique voice. ‘Hello. I’m stepping out from behind my Remus persona to tell you something directly. Woodpile … Continue reading

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Much more of this, please:

‘Riot Police Clash With 4,000 Strong Anti-Islam Protest Rallies by German anti-Islamist protest group “Hooligans against Salafists” have grown from a few dozen, to a few hundred, to some 4,000 people marching in a matter of weeks, triggering a deployment … Continue reading

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Simply stunning!

Scale Modeling in Metal 1/16 size P51 Mustang & Corsair

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Wabbit has been very unwell for a few days now and it’s not getting better. Hence the sparseness of posts.

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