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It’s a start…

‘German politician’s car blown up in immigration attack A German local politician’s car has been severely damaged in an apparent bombing. No one was injured in the attack on the empty car, which was parked overnight at the time. But … Continue reading

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About that bridge we have for sale…

‘..An attack on a woman sunbathing in a French park which led to a Twitter campaign by people defending the right to wear bikinis had nothing to do with race, police have confirmed. …It was initially presumed that the incident … Continue reading

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In your dreams, creep.


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“The truth shall set you free”

Not any more – it’ll get you attacked and reviled by scumbag leftists. Update: Francis Porretto has picked up Pascal’s post.

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Oh, bollocks!

More PC drivel from Mai Chen, regurgitated by the NZ Herald: ‘Pay inequality holding NZ back White males are key in overcoming pay inequality, a prominent lawyer says…’

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Open house

Palin: Planned Parenthood, Not Confederate Flag, Killed 90,000 Black Babies in 2014… Rubio: America’s Racist History Still Hurts Minorities Breitbart

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This is religion, not science:

‘Warming alarmist Professor Clive Hamilton: ….”So I think where we’re going is to begin to see a Gaian earth in its ecological, cybernetic way, infused with some notion of mind or soul or chi, which will transform our attitudes to … Continue reading

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Pull their passports, deny them re-entry

It’s not rocket science: ‘The high price of letting IS jihadists come home MOUNTING round-the-clock surveillance on all 350 radicalised Britons who have returned from Syria and Iraq would cost £25million a week, it emerged last night…’ Why the hell … Continue reading

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‘Bigger pill bill ahead, Key warns

Government faces higher bill for drugs under the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal…’ No, the TAXPAYER faces a bigger bill. The only “government money” is actually that taken from all taxpayers. The man is a dishonest weasel.

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WE.  DON’T.  CARE.  Don’t give a damn. Are utterly indifferent .Bored shitless by the whining about it. Regard it as trivial crap. It ranks in importance somewhere below the color of our toothpaste and weeds in the lawn: ‘A look … Continue reading

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