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Open house

The Endgame – Full White Genocide documentary.  via Colonel B. Bunny.

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Socialism – doncha just love it?

Auckland: ‘New road-repair plan from Brown includes higher gas taxes, vehicle fees …proposal would provide $3.6 billion annually for transportation and includes a new $65 fee for vehicle owners, an 11-cent increase in the diesel tax and a 6-cent hike … Continue reading

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Australia’s taxpayer-funded ABC is beyond reform:

  ‘ABC host Jonathan Green last night: The other thing here on the point of shame and advertising your evil is that IS [Islamic State] depend on the likes of Tony Abbott to do that job for them – to … Continue reading

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There’s never a shortage of idiots.

Headline in NZ’s Stuff News: ‘Expectant mum’s animal instinct Darina Rosin plans to give birth in the water, accompanied by a dolphin…’ And this gibbering yoyo will be raising a child!

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The NZ Herald: Recycling “progressive” bullshit.

‘Editorial: Crisis is tragic, and we have a duty to help No country can stand aside if it wants to be recognised as a fully participating member of the international community…’ Well, by that definition, very, very few countries qualify. … Continue reading

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The Iron Legion:

‘…Europeans protest about their corrupt and evil governments but are too scared to break the laws set down against them by those same governments. Europeans are walking willingly into cuckoldry and extinction and, worse yet, they congratulate themselves on refusing … Continue reading

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‘The ugly face of multiculturalism.’

“…This gentleman gets it in a big way. The sellout, betrayal and destruction part of lunatic, uncontrolled, officially-welcomed mass immigration:..” Colonel B. Bunny

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Tell you what, John-boy,

 How about you take advice from the people who will be footing the bill for the social and financial costs of any electioneering feel-good gestures? And if you feel so strongly about giving invaders a comfortable home, feel free to … Continue reading

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Open house

Wabbit will be lazing around in hospital for a few days, and he doesn’t expect to come back and find empty beer cans and wine bottles all over the place, ok?

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Buy shares in coal mining.

‘German Physicists: Late 20th Century Warming “Nothing Unusual” Compared to the maxima and minima of the past, the current minima and maxima show that there is nothing unusual happening today. The scientists say today’s temperature changes are within the normal … Continue reading

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