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Not cool:

Forecast minima for the Wabbit’s place: Thursday 0c Friday 0c Saturday -1c Sunday -1c etc etc……

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‘Australia’s supposedly conservative party is not conservative’

And here’s why

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Apprentice Green loony:

Via Tim Blair  “This is what happens when we let Greens voters raise children.” Update: The parents are raising a real little asshole.

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Open house

 ‘The Church of Arlington’

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Invaders suffer trivial losses:

‘Over 700 migrants are feared dead in three Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks south of Italy in the last few days as they tried desperately to reach Europe.’  link We. Don’t. Care.  The answer is to not come illegally to another country, … Continue reading

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Headline in the slimeball socialist NZ Herald: ‘Melbourne riots indicate ‘pockets of systemic racism’..’ (They choose to quote only Shorten, Labor Party leader and a lifelong union activist) In fact the violence was brought to the demonstration by the fascist … Continue reading

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Refute it. If you can.

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We are witnessing cultural suicide

and it is now almost unstoppable ‘..But this week, on the quayside of pretty Porto Empedocle in Sicily, I came across a scene that convinced me more than ever that the explosion in migration is completely out of control.. …Coming … Continue reading

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Listen up, bath house boy:

‘War Crimes of Imperial Japan: A Lesson In Moral Equivalence for Mr. Obama In his speech referencing “evil” at Hiroshima today, President Obama somehow forgot to mention the evils perpetrated by Imperial Japan or the unspeakable suffering it inflicted upon … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

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