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For CR readers:

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Never mind oil, we’ve reached peak absurdity:

‘Experts’ Warn ‘Global Warming’ Making Pet Dogs Depressed’

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Open house

Anyone for crab chowder?

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‘Desiderata For Our Time’

By Seneca III And it’s a beauty, over at Gates of Vienna.

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Politicians and bureaucrats, doing the left’s dirty work for them:

‘France Confirms PEGIDA Ban The prefecture of Calais has taken steps to prevent the local branch of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) marching through the French port town on Saturday, citing possible clashes with far left … Continue reading

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Agenda, much?

First this: ‘BORDER AGENTS ORDERED TO STAND DOWN ‘MIGHT AS WELL ABOLISH IMMIGRATION LAWS’…’ Then this: ‘U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists’ Soon anybody who objects to the country being flooded with potential Dem-voting third-world cheap labor … Continue reading

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‘AOS cop acquitted over accidental shooting A former Hawke’s Bay armed offenders squad member who was charged with accidentally shooting a man while he was arrested and lying face-down on the ground has today been acquitted. The man who has … Continue reading

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TPP: Secret, undemocratic, dishonest

Jane Kelsey: ‘The National Government will today ignore widespread opposition from ordinary New Zealanders when it signs the secretly negotiated deal. Doubtless we’ll be fed the old Anzus line that New Zealand can’t afford to not to be at the … Continue reading

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Open House

Let’s pray a couple of our friends there are ok: ‘Dozens of homes destroyed, damaged as twisters tear through Deep South’

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Woodpile Report:

‘..Consider, we’re fair game for the Protect And Serve kleptocrats that stop us on the highway and rob us of what cash they find. We’ve been duped into involuntary servitude to support a whole ‘nuther population—the improvident by choice, incurious … Continue reading

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