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“I thought you should know”

Via Liberty’s Torch:

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NZ media: trivia rulez

HERE and HERE Television “news” is no better. No wonder Kiwis have all the confidence and certitude of the utterly uninformed….they’re propagandised socialists yet utterly unaware of the real meaning of the word ‘socialism’.

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Gender politics – the cost:

Promoting women because they’re women is a recipe for disaster.

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Would YOU trust a judge to be impartial?

New Zealand: ‘Rape trials could be heard before a judge alone – not a jury – under radical proposals before the Government.’ Given the abysmal performances of so many judges in this country in recent years, I wouldn’t. They’ve repeatedly … Continue reading

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Coming soon, to every Western country:

‘Election Fraud: Is Britain Finally Waking Up To The Disaster Of Multiculturalism?’   James Delingpole

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World Vision funds murder:

Top Christian Aid Organization’s Funds Go to Hamas

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Free speech under attack in Australia:

‘ACT parliament passes religious vilification laws’ Proposed by a Greens scumbag, passed by cowards in order to protect a murderous ideology. A shameful day for Australia.

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‘Dangerous times for older white males with opinions’

‘…The boundaries of what counts as acceptable debate will shift with changing times but the range of opinion or comment that is regarded as deserving of condemnation seems to be widening quickly. The test is not objective and condemnation is … Continue reading

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What’s crippling New Zealand

and this is just the tip of the bureaucratic monster: ‘..An OECD report in 2014 on the economic cost of environmental policies confirmed this, ranking New Zealand 28th out of 34 member countries for having the worst administrative burden, alongside Israel, Canada … Continue reading

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“Associate Professor” Leonie Pihama

 is in my opinion a liar and a racist. The unlovely exterior conceals an equally unlovely interior. ‘…”Colonisation is what we call a historical trauma event. Research tells us that traumatic events like that impose themselves on an entire people and have major … Continue reading

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