NASCAR…boys having fun.

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20 Responses to NASCAR…boys having fun.

  1. MvL says:

    You’ve gotta love Nascar :cheers
    If you think this is amusing……..
    Try the commentaryIn French.
    Fast forward to 2:58. ……Sacre Bleu :mrgreen:

    • KG says:

      Brilliant! And I love the way the Brit newspapers described it as “awful” and “shocking” footage…. :whoop :mrgreen:

  2. HarvardPotatoHead says:

    !!!HolyGasFumes!!did someone say “NASCAR?” Down here in BlackBurries Chiggah Kompound yV.Tryl goes to our local dirt track on Level 750HP N it is the very best racing especially since it is provided by my Harvard grassmate [real name not know but a good boy anyway] who wears a t-shirt with “Gas, Ass or Grass Nobody rides 4 free” and a pic of Diplomatic Pouch grinning through a mudslimed windshield. One time yvTrulily took a date to a local dirt race and sat on the third turn which was much fun everybody drunk as 9 eyed niggahs and not as scary as this here place down here daMN IT IS SPOOKY!!! But the legal illegtals thinnk they go be let out but not yvt who don’t think nobody getting outta here ever. @ D Fruit Lounge 2nite a queer dance group will pop their heads out of each other’s ass, should be good however yV.trulily may not go got lots of shit 2do. Well, hate to do it but tata Yours verily trulilular HarvardPotatoHead XOXOXO

  3. Darin says:

    Somebody must have wanted to turn right :popcorn

  4. Katie says:

    I guess the recent election upset the boys and they had to take out their anger on something or someone.

  5. mistress mara says:

    As a wymin, I wish to express my outrage at this naked display of male insecurity, misplaced testosterone and denigration of wyminhood. Furthermore .!!!! ….. oh fuck, I give up.

  6. Darin says:

    Now that I think about it,I wonder if Gordon voted for Obama? :mrgreen:

  7. Ronbo says:


    Please excuse the topic change….BREAKING NEWS!

    Secession Movement beginning in USA? :shock:

    …and rebel central appears to be Texas.

    I wonder if the people who signed their names to the “Peaceful Secession Petition” understand that no such thing as a peaceful withdrawal from the Union by a state is allowed and that they have announced themselves as traitors to Obama Socialism?

    BTW, I predicted on my blog that if the Republicans won the election, the Left would revolt – and that if the Democrats won, the Right would call for Secession.

    My prediction seems to be coming true even before the economic collapse, which is in the cards very soon…

  8. mistress mara says:

    Yeah, yeah KG, smirk, but the wyminhood will regroup with moi in charge. Hint. Do not rest too easily. .

  9. Darin says:

    The unemployment numbers are way up this morning this first report after the election.Gee,wonder what could have done that? :roll: :popcorn

    • The Gantt Guy says:

      You’re not suggesing the numbers were fiddled the past couple of months to make it appear unemployment was lower than it really is are you, Darin?

      Why that would be a shocking allegation. The Justice Dept would surely be investigating that type of fra … oh. Carry on.

  10. Contempt says:

    Darin, did you notice the gas prices dropped just before the election? I gassed up for 2.97 a gallon now it is heading back up.

    • Darin says:

      Did you see the new personalized license plates on the Prez’s limo,he now rolls as.


  11. HarvardPotatoHead says:

    !!!Shitfire!!! BlackBerry has assed yours V. Trurily to announce to His friends in the 56[fifty-six]-57th[heinze fifty-seventh] Steaks that the First Family will be visiting soon so if you want anything just ass me and yV.T will be sure to pass it on.

    Actung! Immediately following the January 20th [twentieth], 2013 [two thousand and thirteen] Inauguration D First Family will sail from the Potomac & Around the World in 80 [eighty] Days. They will travel aboard the newly christened luxury carrier The Arugular, accompanied by the entire United Steaks Navy with current admirals aboard to polish shoes and wash Chinese made underwear for the Family. They will B serving under Yours Verily Trulilular’s superVision!!!Damn man that iz a promotion! On the deck of the Arugular a basketball court has been installed alongside a 9 [nine] hole full length golf course and driving range with a 19th [nineteenth] hole bar called D Hole in One [1]. All d world leaders will be invited 2 [two] include Putinbreath, Yasser Arafat, the Ayotoller KomeinE, Hugo Chavez, Adolph Hitler, FartKnockR, etc so forth and like so on you know. It will be a real gas! OMG tata here come Diplomatic Pouch with her pitbulls et la like whip gotta go Yours Verily Trulilular HarvardPotatoHead

  12. HarvardPotatoHead says:

    !!!Arugular Akbar!!!Did someone say “Hos?’ which bringz up Diplomatic Pouche’s Campaign for [4] New Hose” which you know like so will like raise fundz for [4] her new pantie/brazziere acquisition for the “Around D World N 80 [eighty] Days” world tour.* !!!Holyshitular!!! tata here cumZ D Pouch outtaheah HarvardPotatoHead**

    *did the bog administraitor have a good thought there or what like which reminds me to check ports in the vaqrious parts of the World & think the Arugular will be jumped by Yours Verily Trulilular near our 56th-57th Steaks y’all got sharks down there like?
    **do U think a dude with extremely high intelligence and a Harvard Law DeCree can drive a helicopter [chopper]? R shud yV.Tryl recruit a mexican to fly it? They are all captains of the football team and members of D Honor Society right?