‘LABOR has admitted its Pacific Solution has been overwhelmed, declaring asylum-seekers illegal immigrants arriving since the policy was announced will be allowed to live in the community…’
The Australian. (sorry, no link it’s subscription only)
Throw open the doors to these assholes, no problem, the taxpayer will pick up the tab and when they turn out to be violent animals and terrorists, nobody in government will be responsible. This government is a shameful, illegitimate pack of corrupt, incompetent, devious bastards.

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17 Responses to WHAT????

  1. ian says:

    So they’re assholes (sic) are they? Let’s see how you would feel if the Australian Government didn’t like your race and decided you should be exterminated. Would that make you an arsehole if you fled?

    • KG says:

      Bollocks. As a whole lot of Sri Lankan “refugees” demonstrated (and admitted) they weren’t fleeing persecution at all.
      Now fuck off. If you’re so goddam sympathetic to illegal immigrants, put them up in your own house on your own dollar.

  2. George Romero says:

    Hi KG, Yep , and when the scum politicians and immigration officials are living back in civvie street they won’t have to worry about the violent ‘dissafected’ poor muslim offspring this mob will breed , spreading jihad & shariah compliant gangs on the rest of us and our childrens children , they will be retired and probably living in a gated community or lifestyle block , wondering about the increase in violence in the suburbs back in town , that they helped to destroy.England anyone?,Fuck THEM!! :evil: :gunner

  3. mistress mara says:

    Ian, are you up with your medications? How many millions of people in the world do you think would like to relocate to a country that gave them milk, honey, asked no serious questions and gave them a payment for life just for breeding? Well boo fuckin hoo. If these poor endangered folk were dropped in Alice Springs and were required to work their way out over the years, I MIGHT have some sympathy. If you cannot see the rort going on here, go back to my first sentence. :roll:

  4. KG says:

    Too right, Anon, George and Mara.
    People like Ian make me sick to my stomach.
    They value their own culture and country so little they’re perfectly happy to see it degraded by primitives who have not only stuffed up their own countries and failed to stay and try to turn things around, but are actively hostile to the host culture.
    If Australia takes in people from every thuggish state on earth, it won’t fix those states but will instead destroy ours.
    And what the fuck entitles people like him to decide that other people should have a portion of their lives stolen in order to pay for people they’ve never met and who are highly unlikely to ever repay the debt? (not that time spent working to pay taxes can ever be repaid, mind you).
    There’s plenty of evidence (not mentioned by the MSM, especially odious propaganda outlets such as the ABC) that immigrants destabilize the host culture and remain a net burden on the taxpayer.
    The fuckwit can no longer comment here, but if he returns and reads this, I suggest he takes a look at the link on the right sidebar, titled “The misguided advocates of open borders”.

  5. KG says:

    And isn’t it odd, how those “fleeing” burn their personal papers and are so often in possession of confected letters stating that they’re in danger in their own country? (Which letters can be bought for as little as ten dollars).

  6. The Gantt Guy says:

    Fuckers manage to “flee” on a plane from downtown Burqa-ville to Jakarta, then “lose” their passports and pay people smugglers to put them on a boat bound for the outer Jakarta harbour, where they dial 000 and whistle up the RAN taxi service.

    No shortage of money to get from downtown burqa-ville to Jakarta, but not content to live in Indonesia – a moslem country. Nope, far better to hop on a boat bound for Christmas Island (irony, anyone?) and spend a lifetime sucking on the infidel’s tit and railing against the excesses and immoral lifestyle of the infidel.

    Oh, and comprehension is clearly not a strong point of your new friend. :vomit

  7. Darin says:

    You guys and gals down under are falling behind us here in Amerika.Here our government goes to Mexico and all nations south and offers public assistance to the families of our illegal alien undocumented citizens still living in those countries.Isn’t open boarders socialism grand?-NOT! :vomit

  8. mawm says:

    Meanwhile homeless Kiwis are been flown home from Queensland because, quite rightly, they are not eligible for freebies. (in Stuff this am. I can’t copy and paste the link on my phone)
    All kiwis are allowed to stay and work in Oz, but the path to citizenship is the same for them as others. It costs about $7g to go through the permanent residence process but many too cheap to do so…… And then Whine that they can’t get free hand outs.

  9. Barry says:

    The NZ “government” (sick joke) tells us how many Pacific Islanders are overstaying in NZ but it does nothing about booting them out. ( Disproportionally high users of our welfare state and disproportionally high committers of violent crime – aliens in our white western country.)

    • mawm says:

      Barry, I don’t think that you are correct in characterising Pacific Islanders as criminals – they certainly are not as representative in crime stats as Mouldy. Sure many are under achievers when compared to non-polynesian groups and live off welfare.

  10. Barry says:

    Yes Mawm, mouldies (ie part – maoris ) in NZ are encouraged by govt racism pandering to them to be complaining and claiming and awful. They are alien – as are the islanders – to our modern country and are being encouraged to destroy it. john key’s making it all worse every day with racist special laws for them and racist special treatment for them. NZ is committing suicide.

  11. KG says:

    :whoop Our “asylum seeker” advocate fuckwit has finally realised he’s blocked from commenting here. Seems he’s so outstandingly brilliant and morally superior (by his own estimation) yet he can’t read the message at the top of the right sidebar. :popcorn