NZ Maori–headed towards two-tier “justice”

‘Four Maori sovereignty advocates, one of whom is National MP Tau Henare’s nephew, have been jailed on drug charges despite also being punished by their hapu.’           NZ Herald
Kiwis need to resist any suggestion that maori punishing their own is some kind of substitute for the process which the rest of New Zealanders are subject to. The  useful idiots who marched against S.A. apartheid are strangely silent on this issue.

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20 Responses to NZ Maori–headed towards two-tier “justice”

  1. The Gantt Guy says:

    Well, your blackfellas have Koori courts, which only blackfellas can access, so why shouldn’t our ‘indigenous’ have a similar set-up? They’ve obviously been given a cuddle, a big feed of kina and a stern talking to from Auntie (no more jandals across the side of the head, because John Key’s anti-smacking law eradicated child abuse in NZ). What more punishment should they suffer? Won’t you think of the children? Oh, the humanitah!

    Also … Drugs charges? Someone call a Leftertarian. These boys are clearly political prisoners! After all, it was only dopes selling dope. Where’s your belief in the market system? You’re all just fascists!

    • “They’ve obviously been given a cuddle, a big feed of kina and a stern talking to from Auntie (no more jandals across the side of the head, because John Key’s anti-smacking law eradicated child abuse in NZ).”

      Very good!

      They sometimes do good, though. I remember when I was living on Waiheke Island many years ago, a Maori guy raped another Maori and nothing was said–except they took the guy to the dump and beat his head in.

      • Cadwallader says:

        I know of an incident in the Manawatu where the rapist simply disappeared. Neither his family nor the police pursued him as a lost person as the outcome was a given. I believe a similar system works in the Cook Islands. In a sense it is preferable to the soft liberal white approach, and of course hellishly cost-effective!

  2. Tom says:

    Dopes selling dope to Dopes.

  3. dondiego says:

    They got sweet f.a. for it.
    I’ve had a discussion about this maori justice business, with a lady who identifies as such, where I stated “No. Let maoris have it, next thing you’ve got corrective rapes and amputations etc being perped by another section of “community” with a foreign/alien law”.
    Allegedly, maori justice was swift, rough, and brought shame to the whanau (I got that intel’ from a debate between Libertarians and Maori Party I saw on their channel paid for by me]).
    It’s that whole selective historical memory that doesn’t mean shit in the 21st century again.
    Lock ’em up for longer in the concrete marae is the only option that actually works.

  4. KG says:

    “Lock ‘em up for longer in the concrete marae is the only option that actually works.”
    Amen! But with hard labour…that would really put The Fear into them. :mrgreen:

  5. KG says:

    O/T but it was a pet hate of mine when living in NZ:

    Wots of widdle girls pretending to be reporters–and sounding awful with it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not bother to watch TV “news” as it is infantile, sensationalist and of a magazine ilk. It is not news but rather a collection of emotional crap. The thing that really gets to me is the invariable opening line of “What we have for you tonight!” The truth is they have nothing…they are conduits/pipelines/talking-heads. Lindsay Perigo has banged the drum about the inanity of so-called news for a decade or so.

  6. Adolf says:

    About fifty years ago one of the local young bloods tried this on in the court at (I think it was) Kawakawa. In those days consumption of booze within one mile of a public dance was illegal and in his case he had slipped out to the car park for a beer or three (warm, out of a half gallon jar) from the boot of his car in the car park. Trouble was the danse was being held in the hall at the Otiria marae.

    So when he turned up in the Pakeha court he told the judge under british law he could not be tried twice for the same sentence, claiming he had been punished by the tribe for transgressing marae protocols. I think he had been fined.

    The judge said ‘tough titty’ or judicial words to the same effect and fined him again.

    But be careful, dear friends. If you persist in bashing John Key and National, you might just end up with those loopy buggers from Labour, Greens, Winston First and Motherfuckers.

    They’ll legislate to make it legal! :grin:

  7. KG says:

    Adolf, we will never see eye-to-eye on this.
    The important thing is not to settle for the best of a bad bunch (and I’m by no means sure Key is even that) but to punish bastard politicians who don’t keep their word, who ignore their constituent’s wishes and who form alliances with scum their supporters would never have voted for themselves.
    I don’t give a fuck how bad the rest are–Key doesn’t deserve support because of that, and much, much more.
    As far as I’m concerned, his failure not only to hold Clark to account but to actively support her bid for the U.N. job is enough to consign him to the shit basket forever.

    • Barry says:

      KG, I think that, apart from the light bulbs (and that was an easy one) EVERYTHING that Key has done is enough to consign him to that basket of yours!

  8. Barry says:

    I think that the biggest idiocy of the One and Three “news” is seeing TWO blank-faced news readers sitting there side by side. That’s the main reason I don’t watch them. Also it’s said that Dallow and Petrie are paid something like $300 000 a year each and I think that that’s intellectually offensive for their brain-dead “performances” – it’s silly entertainment, not news. And taxpayer owned!

  9. KG says:

    “And taxpayer owned!”
    And the taxpayer gets stuff-all say about those inflated salaries for third-rate “celebrities”, Barry.
    The taxpayer’s role is to pay up and shut up, it seems.

  10. KG says:

    The last time we went to live in NZ for a while, after being away for a few years, we turned on the TV for the news, watched, and sat there dumbfounded as it switched to sport and weather. We were still waiting for the news…..
    What we’d just seen could in no way have been described as “news”. Shallow, trivial, poorly presented and overwhelmingly parochial.
    It was a disgusting travesty and we never watched it again.

    • john says:

      Nothing’s changed KG, except possibly the “news” portion is even more miniscule.
      As for Dallow and Petrie, I think their replacement by cardboard cutouts with moving bottom jaws and speech balloons would be an improvement.

    • Flashman says:

      Television “news” in New Zealand is certainly a travesty. It’s so bad that it looks and sounds like buffoons attempting satire – but it’s not.