Sexism and bushfires

No, really! One Meagan Tyler, “lecturer in sociology at Victoria University”, lays out the case.
What can one say about this moronic waste of space and the taxpayer’s money that feeds and clothes it? (and the six million in taxpayer’s money¬† the website cost.)

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20 Responses to Sexism and bushfires

  1. Redbaiter says:

    They’re fucking everywhere too.

    Long past time for a good clean out.

  2. WebWrat says:

    I fail to get her point.
    Is it that men should run run away from disaster and avoid responsibility, or is it that not enough women are getting burnt in bush fires?

    I’m just about broke, no job and a $10,000 provisional tax bill coming up. I feel the bile rising as I think about having to pay for air-headed crap like this and all the other parasites we have to support.

  3. Darin says:

    Reading that article was a complete waste of 5 minutes of my life which I will never get back.Shouldn’t I be able to sue them?

    • Phil Stephenson says:

      I only got half way through it and gave up because it seemed such a waste of time. More delusions of relevance from a useless, parasitical individual.

  4. Flashman says:

    She starts off reasonably enough with head nods to an established research stream on the behavioural impacts of natural disasters. Fair enough – my interest was piqued. B-.

    However she did not stay on message, but instead made a non sequiturial jump into a tired old academic cliche regarding masculine and feminine stereotypes. Honestly that was dying on its tush 20 years ago. Fail mark for faulty logic and derivative content. D.

    To close, she used the above false argument to present a thin and poorly presented case for research funding into gender stereotypes within natural disaster contexts. D.

    This is why I’m a great fan of academics putting their research interest up on-line. Sunshine is an amazing germ killer!

    Well done KG on spotting this epic fail.

  5. john says:

    Oh, wow, man. That was soooo deep. I never thought of bushfires in a gender perspective before.
    How ’bout a title for this oeuvre.
    “Bushfires and Gender: A Psycho-Sexual Masturbatory Approach.”

  6. KG says:

    :mrgreen: Perfect!

    • john says:

      Thanks KG, just think of the possibility of a whole series.
      Tsunamis and Gender
      Earthquakes and Gender
      Earthquakes with Tsunamis and Gender.
      Rocks Falling Out Of The Fucking Sky and Gender

  7. KG says:

    *shudder*…don’t give the bastards ideas, John!

    • john says:

      Yes, that’s the trouble isn’t it? Yesterday’s farce is Today’s Ph. D thesis and Tomorrow’s PC dogma.
      Sooo, do you think bringing a little Marxist-Leninist dialectic to the bushfire sexual disequilibrium hypothesis will resolve the gender imperative……?
      (hey, I think I’m getting the hang of this….. better stop now!)

  8. KG says:

    That slipped far too easily off your keyboard…you haven’t by any chance been infected, have you?

    • john says:

      Well I did have a leftist (as it transpired) girlfriend a few years back. Maybe I picked up something. :cool:

  9. KG says:

    :shock: Toxoleftism is difficult to cure. 125mm/hr of reality over 7 days might do it…..