Cold Fury:

‘…Whatever. Let’s take it as read that, when U.S. taxpayers wind up giving tax breaks to an entity linked to the butchers of Darfur, it’s pure coincidence that the racket turns out to be run by the president’s brother. Let’s accept that Malik Obama just got lucky that his letter landed on the desk of Lois Lerner, and that, when she backdated his application for two-and-a-half years, she’d momentarily forgotten that it’s illegal for her to backdate it more than two-and-a-quarter years….’
Read the rest of it. This is what the end of a legitimate government of the people looks like.
Anything a person does to resist and disrupt these bastards is justified. Anything.  Laws are now meaningless, except as instruments of tyranny.

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6 Responses to Cold Fury:

  1. FX Phillips says:

    When lawlessness becomes routine resistance becomes obligatory.

  2. FX Phillips says:

    As you also recall the big liberal fascist defense of the indefensible was that they were scrutinizing them for excess political activity.

    Here’s one that seems to have slipped through the cracks

    At maximum it took 3 months from the end of the campaign to their incorporation as a “social welfare” organization. Only in liberal fever swamps is it considered social welfare to support a thug and his myrmidons in their pursuit of economic and social thralldom to a self serving elite.

    Some one tell me what is more overtly political than a fascist propaganda organization like OFA. If any should have been disallowed tax exempt status it should have been this bunch as they advocate through politics for the parasitism of the ruling class and their pet “victims” on the productive class.

    • Darin says:

      The left is all worked up,at least in public,over the Citizen’s United case ruling.Privately they have been forming political groups and making union organizations more radical all the while taking advantage of the ruling.

      The depth of radicalism in these new groups is shocking and a well kept secret so far.I have been hearing chatter from some union buddies of mine at how overtly communist the unions have become.

  3. Darin says:

    I was once asked by a young Russian immigrant when he over heard my boss and I talking about the IRS-“what is IRS?”

    I told him they are like the KGB,except more brutal.The KGB shoots you in the back of the head when they are finished.The IRS causes you to shoot yourself and they are never finished with you.

    It’s time,time to abolish the IRS and the 84,000 page tax code and move to a national sales tax only on new mass produced consumer goods.

  4. I agree w/ abolish the IRS-
    It is an un Constitutional agency – started by the un Constitutionalist- Abe Lincoln (called the RS-and was to be “temporary”)