just DEPORT them! NOW! And Gillard with them.

‘EXCLUSIVE: ASYLUM seekers languishing in suburbia are a ticking time bomb, doctors and police warn in a letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
They say they can’t deal with problems caused by a lack of welfare and mental health support.
The letter, sent by South Eastern Melbourne Medicare Local and seen by the Herald Sun, says gang violence, street brawls and drug and alcohol problems are taking hold in Melbourne’s southeast and Ms Gillard must urgently direct health resources to the area…’     source
“Urgently direct health services to the area”?? At our expense, yet again? In addition to all the other expenses these illegal bloody immigrants are costing us, when rural areas full of working Australians are starved of resources and services?  Why the fuck should we work to pay for people who came here uninvited, who have broken the laws that we would be imprisoned for breaking, people who have no respect for Australia and Australians and regard us simply as a soft touch? I’m fucking sick and tired of this and so are the majority of Australians. While that Welsh cow whines and grandstands about a “sexist” restaurant menu, the policies SHE put in place are tearing our cities apart. Bring on the election, you mendacious bitch and we will show you just what the Australian people think of you and your girly commie gang. *spit*

This is from The Australian, registration required. I make no apology for publishing the entire piece by Greg Sheridan here.

‘People are fed up with continued growth in asylum-seeker numbers’

by: Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor
From: The Australian
June 13, 2013 12:00AM

THE Australian people are completely fed up with the boatpeople saga. Chief among their concerns is a decent humanitarian desire to stop the drownings that accompany the people-smuggling trade.

But that is not the whole story. The Australian people in their overwhelming majority want the national government to reassert national sovereignty over our borders. When the flow of illegal arrivals in our north started after Labor abolished John Howard’s policies in 2008, all the wiseacres said it was silly to get exercised about the relatively small numbers who initially arrived.

But as anyone who had studied these flows for a moment knew, once an illegal entry flow is established, it will grow and grow and grow.

With this week’s boats, the total number of refugees who have come since Labor softened the policy is 43,660. But the rate keeps on accelerating and as long as people keep arriving in Australia and don’t get sent back, there is really no natural limit to the level it might reach. If you convert the past three months to an annual rate, illegal arrivals are now coming at 40,000 a year. Even without counting the inevitable family reunion chain migration that will follow, you only need that rate for a few years and you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of low-skilled, mainly Muslim immigrants, predominantly with poor English. This is a devastating crisis building up for Australia.

Many Western countries are toughening up their approaches to stop illegal immigration, or the rorting of legal systems. Canada, which has a far smaller rate of boat arrivals than Australia, has now instituted a system of effective temporary protection visas, mandatory detention, declining welfare benefits and the like.

Visas for spouses have been cut down hugely in Denmark and Britain because these are rorted so heavily, and asylum-seeker rules were tightened in Germany.

France and many other European nations have taken comparable action.

In our own region, no nation is remotely as generous, or remotely as soft a touch, as Australia.

Singapore, the richest country in Southeast Asia, could effortlessly absorb 10,000 asylum-seekers a year if it wanted to. But Singapore gets no asylum-seekers because it will accept no asylum-seekers. Singapore understands that if it accepted 10,000 people turning up on its shores this

year, then next year it would be dealing with 30,000, and 50,000 the year after.

Similarly, no numbers of any consequence come from the Middle East to Japan or South Korea. Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s recent contention that Australia had the harshest, or one of the harshest, regimes in the world is a typical Greens contribution — completely and utterly the opposite of reality. As Labor’s former immigration minister Gerry Hand points out, no one in Australia’s extended region provides anything like the benefits, security, layers of appeal and effective lack of repatriation that Australia does.

I write all this with sadness. I have always been, and remain, a strong supporter of a big, generous, legal immigration program. I am absolutely opposed to illegal arrivals.

The key concept to understanding what is going on is to recognise that we are dealing with determined immigration rather than a classic refugee situation. This is true even if you accept that the majority of people coming to Australia could qualify as refugees. They make their decisions about where to seek permanent residence on the basis of which nation is the softest touch and which offers the most extensive welfare.

The refugee convention envisages people fleeing across borders to avoid persecution. Consider Sri Lankan Tamils. There are tens of millions of Tamils living next door to Sri Lanka in India. They are certainly not persecuted. But India is poorer than Sri Lanka. Australia is much richer. So they choose Australia, not India. That is an immigration decision, not a refugee decision.

Consider Iranians, now the biggest source of illegal arrivals in Australia. Iran has a horrible government but it does not persecute big minority populations internally. Everyone deals with the same horrible political system.

For a middle-class Iranian to fly to Malaysia, where they get visa-free entry, to then take a small illegal boat to Indonesia and then get on a boat to Australia indicates a huge desire to live in Australia. It also indicates a belief that once here they won’t be sent back. But it says nothing about a real refugee situation.

Part of the problem is the moral and political intimidation that comes the way of anyone who tries to speak about this honestly.

The Australian Press Council, for example, has ruled that I may not call people who arrive illegally, illegal immigrants. I respect the Press Council, and the integrity with which it deals with such questions. But I believe its ruling is wrong in fundamentally important ways. It leads to a contortion of language and an inability to discuss the issue properly.

It is similar to the coercive political correctness, and the institutional enforcement of a left-liberal ideological world view, which has previously crippled Europe in its ability to deal with illegal immigration. The fraudulent and offensive use of Holocaust rhetoric and analogies rendered sensible debate all but impossible. You either let everyone in or you were Adolf Hitler. Europe mostly has shaken off that intellectual shackle, but Australian public discussion, in an effective abridgement of free speech, is still imprisoned in this mistaken ideological prescriptiveness.

The Refugee Convention itself talks of refugees “unlawfully” in a country of asylum, and of the “illegal entry” of refugees. It is not illegal to seek asylum, but it is illegal to enter Australia without legal authority. The UN Convention Against Transnational Organised Crime says illegal entry is “crossing borders without complying with the necessary requirements for legal entry into the receiving state”.

In 2009 Kevin Rudd repeatedly referred to boatpeople as “illegal immigrants”. Julia Gillard, Wayne Swan, Stephen Smith, Martin Ferguson, Robert McClelland, Simon Crean and many other Labor politicians have previously referred to boatpeople as illegal arrivals. The opposition does so routinely.

But there is still a vast, pervasive pressure against people, especially journalists, speaking plainly and truthfully about this. As Orwell observed, control language and you control thought. This issue needs clear thinking and plain speaking.

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19 Responses to just DEPORT them! NOW! And Gillard with them.

  1. Michael in Nelson says:

    Speaking of Gillard, how did you miss this KG?


    :twisted: :smile:

    • KG says:

      What the dishonest bastards DON’T point out, Michael is that the menu wasn’t intended for public consumption and never appeared on a table in the restaurant.

  2. Darin says:

    Take her title,take her throne,take her security away and drop her arse off in that wrong part of town around midnight and see if she has a change of heart. :evil:

  3. Seneca III says:

    In the UK ‘defence of the realm’ is the prime function of any government. It is probably the same in the Antipodes. Negligence or, most likely as in our case and that of Europe, Canada and the USA, wilful failure to do so is nothing less than high treason and must be regarded as such and dealt with accordingly.

    Who in the Euro-Anglosphere is going to crack off first is a moot point at the moment, but crack off it will, somewhere soon for reasons of one atrocity or one bridge too far, and this is why the scum that rule us are becoming fearful and evermore draconian in the ways in which they try to prevent that fateful day from arriving during their watch.

    But never the less the four horsemen are saddling up and I doubt if there is anything left that can be done to stop them riding out; the grotesque, global social engineering experiment that that the West has indulged itself in has patently failed and history teaches us what the consequences will be.

    Amongst those consequences we will be a point in the not too distant future, as we gradually take our countries back, that we will be forced to cede many large urban areas to the occupying barbarians, and contain them and their rapidly increasing get therein.

    Whilst the containment of these occupied territories will be far from simple to impose, so manpower intensive, so demanding on mind on mind and body that it appals our current sensibilities it would, never the less, be nothing more than just that, containment, not penetration street by street nor neutralisation building by building.

    And the only bright light on that storm racked horizon is that if we apply ourselves with sufficient determination it should not necessarily be of particularly long duration. There are four specific reasons why:

    1. Power stations are rarely found situate in such locations and, where they are, their raw material supply lines are long and tenuous.
    2. Water catchment areas, together with major reservoirs are invariably quite distant from these areas and their feeder systems are likewise long and tenuous. (Birmingham is a case in point – the majority of its water supply comes from Wales.)
    3. Food production, on anything but a very minor scale, does not take place in urban areas.
    4. For obvious reasons refineries are never located close to centres of population.

    …and, consequently, we can hope that it won’t be that long before the exodus begins and the meandering, carefully escorted lines of predators, parasites and primitives will stretch to the airports and the docks as they return to whatever failed socio-economic hellhole they or their immediate ancestors came from and have tried to recreate here in our lands.

    Then, and only then, can those few fanatic diehards who choose to remain be given the benefit of some serious social work.

    Then, and only then…

    Seneca III

    • Anonymous says:

      …and, consequently, we can hope that it won’t be that long before the exodus begins and the meandering, carefully escorted lines of predators, parasites and primitives will stretch to the airports and the docks as they return to whatever failed socio-economic hellhole they or their immediate ancestors came from and have tried to recreate here in our lands.

      It is no longer enough to stem the tide but to turn it instead.

  4. D.T. says:

    The menu thing has turned out to be an ALP scam.Lots of eggs on faces but will there be ANY apologies…..don’t hold your breath.This mob can’t sink low enough.Yet,people will still vote for them.http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif


  5. Contempt says:

    “They say they can’t deal with problems caused by a lack of welfare and mental health support.” One sentence explains the entire conundrum about “they.” Left out is “intelligence” which is non-existent in “they” home fried hell hole. pbuhlol

    Recently watched a program presented by a watchable woman on Helen of Troy and early Greek culture. After many Before Christ centuries of learning and thriving, this early society simply imploded about 1300 BC. Immediately thought of my America. Any politician save a few who utters “immigration this or that” is a lying jackass. http://falfn.com/CrusaderRabbit/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_wacko.gif So repeat after me “We don’t want no immigration. We don’t want no thought control. Hey monitor! Leave us kids alone!”

    -stick it gummit spook-

  6. KG says:

    Andrew Bolt, on Gillard:
    ‘..I say “scoundrel” advisedly. I cannot remember a more divisive, self-serving and dishonest speech delivered by a prime minister. Nor one as stupid.’


  7. KG says:

    And Tim Blair lists the major “news” outlets which have published utterly untrue accounts of the dinner menu. As he says, without timely retractions or corrections, allegations soon become fact. And the pissant “journalists” know that.


    • The Gantt Guy says:

      You can add the NZ Herald and Fairfax New Zealand to the list of “news” agencies that took the bait.

  8. KG says:

    “Then, and only then, can those few fanatic diehards who choose to remain be given the benefit of some serious social work.”

    Count me in for employment, administering that social work. :twisted: :twisted:

  9. NutCase says:

    Australia and Europe have devolved into palliative care centres for aging and redundant white people. The new European, often a refugee, is here to staff the place and earn an income doing the work that whites won’t do. They are here to care for us. Some burn the place down if they’re pissed off, like in Sweden and here.

    But its fully deserved you see. Britain and the allies ‘won’ the war, so vigilance is no longer required.. After all, this is wot they fought and died for, British and German. It must be, and although they can’t speak for themselves, the Murdoch press is happy to speak on their behalf. For ‘democracy,’ where a multicultural populace now determine the destiny of the white man and the newly arrived cosmopolitan has a vote worth exactly the same as a multigenerational European indigene, if in Europe.