Not the leftist Narrative

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7 Responses to Not the leftist Narrative

  1. Pascal says:

    Wonderful and timely find Darin. Broken Clock situation. Too bad the “former” radical Medved has to be such a buttlicker of the likes of McCain.

    He’s the sort that drove me to hold a cash contest to replace RINO with an intentionally more uncomplimentary and fitting acronym. SKUNC was the result. The first letter stands for either Statist or Stooge, depending.

    Today I’ll grant Medved Statist alone.

    • Darin says:

      Baby steps,he’s like the feminist blogger Laci Green,she recently swallowed the red pill and has started coming around,in time they might be fully aware.

      • Pascal says:

        Darin, you either have a greater level of faith in long known celebrities’ ability to break with their patterns or you have less experience with Medved since his days when he was nearly as nasty as the Weathermen. I pray you’re more correct than I.

        • Pascal says:

          Groan. Just a minute ago, Medved ended his 2nd hour declaring Roy Moore needs to prove the allegations against him are false or drop out of the race. Aside from innocent until proven guilty, how does one prove a negative?

          See what I mean Darin? I reposted this fine video to my blog, but with the appropriate caveat to my readers.

          • Darin says:

            Figures,but he’s also just going by the old Republican playbook which means -as soon as some one lays in with accusations and the media runs with it,fold like a cheap card table.

            That race will come down to just one thing-how gullible are the voters?