Stupid, irresponsible cow!

Apex gang-linked thug, 20, spared jail despite terrifying series of ice-fuelled jewellery heists told he can go on HOLIDAY to Sudan while on bail

‘Judge Gaynor said she was worried the victims would think the court was allowing the offender to go an ‘exotic holiday’.
But she said his recent good behaviour needed to be considered.
‘This is a matter of honour… people are putting a lot of trust in you,’ Judge Gaynor said.’
I have never, ever heard of a single bureaucrat or judge admitting responsibility when thugs on bail or parole go on to re-offend. It’s about time these bastards faced mandatory – and stiff – penalties when their “compassion” is proved to be ill-founded. Their acts have enable further offending and in some cases murder. Let’s make them responsible for their actions, just as the rest of us are.

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13 Responses to Stupid, irresponsible cow!

  1. Darin says:

    Well if he’s doing Meth,at least he won’t be around much longer.

    “‘Unfortunately last night we had a large number of youth attend, of African appearance, who have engaged in anti-social behaviour,’ he said.”

    Such diversity!

  2. Ronbo says:

    I think the judge has the right idea if it’s to be a one way ticket and his Australian passport gets ripped up….The sunny Sudan sounds like just the place for a worthless black drug addict, as a drug offense and theft would be sanctioned with stoning to death.

  3. Society already trusted him. And he failed.

    • KG says:

      The comments under the article are 100% condemnatory, demonstrating just how out of touch she is with the people who pay her. :evil:

      I recognise that judges aren’t there to follow the whims of public opinion (especially since much of that is generated by social media clowns) but nevertheless they’re supposed to always bear in mind safety and the public interest. She (and so many like her) is doing neither. Her social-worker mommy impulses are superseding her duties and obligations as a judge.

  4. KG says:

    From an article in today’s NZ media:
    ‘New Zealand has the worst rate of family violence in the developed world’

    Subtract brown violence from those statistics and a very different picture would emerge.
    Just sayin’.

    • Pascal says:

      Your fact provides strong evidence how liberalism provides cover for Leftist Sinister judges ensuring that Browns will live in fear and misery. A “look Ma, no hands” form of racism. The wider civilized society will not raise a hand to defend the despised race from each other, but they will come after you for pointing it out.

  5. Andy575961 says:

    They are never held responsible for their actions. The 24/7 protection and the gated communities which they enjoy ensures that the consequences of their actions are another world away.

    Off topic, piano wire is more entertaining than hemp. Just saying.

    • KG says:

      Perhaps the stupid bitch missed this:
      ‘Gangs of hundreds of youths have gone on a beachside rampage, brawling and robbing locals and tourists.
      Shocked bystanders said close to 200 youths of African appearance were involved in the violence at Melbourne’s St Kilda beach early on Thursday morning.
      Police struggled to contain the fighting, overwhelmed by the huge numbers of teen thugs.
      They are now appealing for witnesses  to come forward and urging the offenders to turn themselves in….’

  6. mawm says:

    “numbers of teen thugs” – yeah, right! Teens, my arse.

    “urging the offenders to turn themselves in….” – how long has Australia been taking in African migrants………. and they haven’t learned yet that integrity is something absent in their character.

    • KG says:

      The cop’s words are just window-dressing, to give the illusion of control. The emperor has no clothes – and a toy truncheon.
      They’re very big on traffic fines though, in Victoriastan.

  7. KG says:

    Somewhat related.
    Get a life, you dumb fucker. :evil:
    “..My research shows that parking lots are also the location of 55 per cent of pre-Christmas sobbing fits.
    When the woman who harassed me finally roared away, I sobbed. When I read how Anne Enright’s character Constance cried in The Green Road when she forgot to buy the potatoes at the supermarket, it made me realise that this pre-Christmas desperation to do it right was a universal stress that mostly women endure.”