Is the looming economic destruction of America deliberate?

Via Trevor Loudon

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13 Responses to Is the looming economic destruction of America deliberate?

  1. pascal says:

    Its nice to hear these men sounding a lot like me despite how long it has taken them to get here. BUT. Listen to Scott Ott at around 6:40. where he lays out one of his “guiding principles” (meaning he recommends it to all as well).

    People are always telling me what so and so wants to do and why he wants to do it. And I say look: I can’t look into a man’s heart. I can’t peer into his soul. I have no idea why he’s trying to do what he’s doing. All I can evaluate are the results. All I can evaluate is the output of his behavior. Whether he intends it to come out that way or doesn’t intend it to come out that way is immaterial. My obligation is the same: to defend the republic.

    I cry horseshit. This is akin to the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. It’s the same SKUNC line about not behaving like the Left who calls us name, so therefore we shouldnt even when we have good reason. :vomit

    Listen Mr. Ott: you cannot effectively defend the republic if you discard good intelligence, whether it comes from facts and reports you can trust or from the preponderance of evidence played out before you.To fail to do this is the utmost ineptitude, and to counsel others to do so too is plain bad teaching. IMHO it is so bad as to place the speaker’s bona fides in question.

    I, Pascal, cannot stand by in silence while a trio of apparently sharp guys tells me and others who I am counting on to use their heads under pressure to not think about the evidence and prepare our defenses accordingly.

    Listen my friends. We are at the beginning of some very very dangerous times. Anyone who knows of my concerns for humanity as a whole knows that I do not trust those in power because of their consistent silence against some of the worst actors on the planet.

    Similarly I do not trust those who respond to the beckon and call of those in power. The KGB had infiltrators and moles; who in their right mind thinks our powermad don’t have their equivalent nomenclaturer employed to teach us not to think fully?

    Let me share with you a little razor that shitcans Hanlon and goes well beyond Heinlein but which I have not yet published. This is the last paragraph in my draft. I promise you that you will be needing it very soon.

    Pascal Fervors razor first observes that no matter how much evidence accumulates to inform all individuals that the State has murder on its mind, most will sadly go to their graves muttering the equivalent of “If Stalin only knew.”

    The razor portion of this is that such individuals be identified as soon as possible and cut off from contact with those who know what needs to be done.

    Ending note. I suspect you like this trifecta very much KG. I don’t mean to be disagreeable, but I figure you want to hear all possible thoughts that watching it elicits. Mr. Ott’s words and Mr. Whittle’s exuberant acceptance of them make me cringe. I do not trust people who speak like they just did. “Keep trying to solve the problems locally, work your tail off, but pay no attention to the agenda of the men rigging the game in far off places.” :vomit

    • “…, but pay no attention to the agenda of the men rigging the game in far off places.””

      I agree with pascal–and I need not state anymore!

      BTW-Ramirez-as always- is right on!!!-our technology is being ‘given’ to our enemies to be used against us in the US!!!

  2. pascal says:

    somehow my /blockquote just before I cry horsehit was misspelled I think. Please edit it for me KG.

    • KG says:

      Will do, Pascal. And I very much appreciate your thoughts on this.

      • pascal says:

        Thanks on both counts KG. Many times I feel “oh, no, not again.”

        1) I tend to think contrarily because it is often how I solved big problems, but I know it can be irritating. When it comes to political behavior of individuals (not so much with events), my experience has been I’m rarely wrong. So I try to share my sense of “oh-oh” with those who I think mostly want to follow the right principles.

        2) I’m forced to work from a klutzy old laptop because my desktop is blue screening. I’m amazed and grateful that the formatting was the worst outcome in that the other typos are relatively minor.

  3. I thought the video was good; it was good to hear him mention Evan Sayet. Sayet, I don’t think is a heavyweight, but he has an interesting take on things. His speech at the Heritage Foundation was particularly good I thought- link below. I personally think Obama wants to go over the cliff so he can blame the Republicans for the tax increases he wants. But as Rand Paul said; let them go over and let them deal with the tax increases; if they go off the cliff it will be under Obama’s watch.

  4. RWT says:

    Whether it’s deliberate or not, it’s clear that most are too stupid to see it happening before them.

    • pascal says:

      I wish it were only stupidity on the part of ALL. The ones who we hear speaking authoritatively I know not to be stupid about many other things, so their stupidity about ignoring mounting evidence suggests something far more sinister (assuming they are not insane).

      Anyway, that’s why I am recommending totally discarding Hanlon’s razor and moving on beyond Heinlein’s razor. In the future you will find yourself using Pascal Fervor’s razor in order to do what you must, sadly, much more than you would wish. I want to be wrong about this, but prepare for the worst.