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Janet Albrechtsen, Australia:

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Diogenes would buy her a beer.

‘REFUGEE CONTROVERSIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE By Dr Muriel Newman Our Prime Minister should stop meddling in Australian affairs. An offer has been made and that’s where it should lie. And the media should provide balanced reporting, not try to exert … Continue reading

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Apartheid New Zealand

or, the theft of a country: ‘Licensing business to operate on Lake Taupō is a responsibility says iwi ….All we’re talking about is the reasonable use of our airspace,” Rameka said…..’

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Clowns now in charge of a country:

NZ to go big on climate change UPDATE: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern lashes Australia over treatment of Manus Island refugees This virtue-signalling idiot and her sheeple followers seem to be missing some information. Either that, or they believe that these … Continue reading

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Lord preserve us

from this effing babbling loon and her ilk. ‘Lisa Heinze is a PhD candidate Sustainability, Fashion & Everyday Life, University of Sydney.’

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Time to sign it, America:

the petition to get Antifa classified as a Terrorist Organization

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Toby Manhire, you make me vomit.

Your touch-feely virtue signalling article is not only inaccurate (largely due to some inconvenient facts you chose to leave out)  it’s patronising, U.N. arse-licking garbage. In other words, typical NZ Herald socialist/U.N. compliant propaganda. I guess the opportunity to insult … Continue reading

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Sponsor a Millennial Today

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NZ Herald’s propaganda recycling headline:

‘The Big Read: Our slow moving disaster as sea level rises’ On behalf of the U.N.? The Greens? Al Gore? Who knows? All the Herald’s “science reporter” Jamie Morton has done is gather the most hysterical of Al Gore’s climate … Continue reading

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